July’s Big Winners


Posted On: 08/8/18 2:14 PM

It is no question that July is a big month for prep players across the country.  During the July live period, players get to leave a lasting impression on coaches who may not see them in action again until November.  So, having performances that will make coaches consider adding them to their “big board” is somewhat of a big deal.  The following players are some who did just that.  All of them might not have won tournament titles; however, they gave performances that should categorize them as winners during the month of July.  

Mylik Wilson / 6’3″ / Woodz Elite 

Mylik had a productive July with Woodz Elite.  Even though they did not have a good showing at the Nike Peach Jam, Wilson seemed to grow as a player and a floor leader.  This floor leadership was not through verbalization but his actions on the floor.  Nothing exhibited this more than his play at the Fab 48 in Las Vegas.  Mired in a summer long shooting slump from three, Wilson did other things to help his team win.  Mylik hit the glass and collected garbage points in several games that kept his team ahead or gave them the lead.  He was stellar with his help defense coming over to block shots or to stop penetration.  His man-to-man defense showed vast improvement as well.  No bigger game did Wilson play elite defense than in the game against Mudiay Elite and Team USA member RJ Hampton.  Mylik showed the gym and the coaches in attendance that he could be an elite defender.  That is what winners do.  They lead by example.  These games helped him pick up another offer (Southern Miss) and show why he is the number one player in the state.     

Rodney Tyler Hudson / 6’3″ / Houston Cowboys

Hudson is one of the top twenty wideouts in Texas after having a stellar season at Klein Oaks High in Spring, Texas.  However, after his July on the the hardwood, Hudson may have a future on the next level with basketball.  During live period tournaments in Duncanville and Las Vegas, Tyler displayed the ability to be a top level slasher, defender, and transition player.   The Great American Shootout and the Fab 48 gave Hudson a platform to showcase his skills and he took advantage.  On the defensive end, Hudson was disruptive with numerous deflections and steals showing his lateral quickness.  In the half court and open floor, he slashed to the bucket finishing at the rim.  Because of his physicality, he finished through contact with little issue.  His most impressive quality was his leaping ability.  Several times, on the break or slashing through the lane, he rose up for dunks.  With pool and bracket victories in both events, Hudson and his team epitomized winning.  Going into his senior season, Tyler might have to chose between which sport he loves the most because he can definitely play both.    

Emaryeon McDonald / 6’1″ / Louisiana Supreme

July was definitely a coming out party for McDonald.  Playing point guard for the Louisiana Supreme 15U team, he impressed coaches and players in California with his game.  McDonald, who works on his game religiously, showed more quickness and decisiveness with his dribbling.  This allowed him to get to spots he liked on the floor easier.  The better he was with the dribble, the more dangerous he was offensively.  His handles improved his shot attempts as well.  McDonald’s most feared weapon is his jumper.  During games I viewed, his improved handle allowed him to gain more separation from defenders to drain three after three.  Because of his outstanding play during the Adidas Gauntlet, he was able to attend the Adidas All American camp towards summer’s end.  With his great showing, McDonald is definitely one of our winners for the month of July.  He is setting himself up to be a high level prep player for years to come.   

Tra’michael Moton / 6’1″ / Louisiana Elite & Delatrion Moton / 6’4″ / Louisiana Supreme

Players who play on the tennis shoe circuit are more times than not the best of the best.  They play before division one and high level division two coaches in bigger tournaments around the country.  This scenario was the life of Tra’michael and Delatrion Moton this July.  From California to Vegas, the Moton brothers got the opportunity to play top competition on the Adidas and Under Armour circuits.  

Each brother played well showing their various skill sets.  Delatrion, as an undersized post, displayed an ability to score from different spots on the floor using his dribbling skills and post footwork.  “T-Mike”, on the other hand, used his skillful handle to create separation for his improved three point shot.  During the UAA finals, Tra’michael also displayed lock down defensive skills during Louisiana Elite’s lone win during the tournament.  He had two steals which he converted into layups to help seal the victory.  The reason I believe they are big winners in July is because they are from the same household playing in the biggest tournaments around.  Only a few players from their area, let alone the same household, got this experience.  The exposure that they garnered will hopeful turn into scholarship offers from schools far and near.   

Winners do not have to have the most wins.  For some, winning is getting the opportunity to reveal what you know or what you can do. Being the best of the best is winning.  In these five players cases, they have supreme talent and had a chance to showcase it on the largest platforms showing what types of winners they are.