July Super Sleepers: 2019 Prospects


Posted On: 08/10/18 12:00 PM

Time to dive into some of the Super Sleepers from July!  The prospects that don’t usually get the publicity, but quietly helped themselves with their play during the live periods.  Here are our 2019 July Super Sleepers!


C Jackson Kenyon (All-In Athletics Braverman)

Kenyon is a 6’8” big man from Deerfield that has good size and length on the interior.  High pointed rebounds in traffic and scored on a few quick post moves.  Deep sleeper in this class with his size and ability to board.


PG Payton Havens (Illinois Irish)

Havens is a tough and gritty point guard from Metamora that had a solid July for the Irish.  He is a shot maker that can hit open threes and showed a decent feel for getting others involved.


PG Matas Masys (ET21 Buckeyes)

Quietly this Willowbrook point guard has become one of the premier shooters in the state.  He lit it up again with his play for ET21 Buckeyes throughout July with his lightning quick release.


PF Brian Johnson (Kessel Heat)

Johnson emerged as a versatile four man that rebounded well, was efficient finishing inside, and could even stretch the defense to beyond the arc on occasion.


SG Austin Rager (Illinois Bears)

This Mt. Carmel wing from southern Illinois presents size, strength, and athleticism on the perimeter.  Like the athletic pop he brings to the table and has the potential to be an above average defender.


PF Michael Tyler (Illinois Irish)

Tyler is a sleeper from central Illinois who had a strong junior season at Springfield Southeast.  The long and rangy post is a shot blocking presence with offensive potential.


PF Evan Pogge (Illinois Irish)

Pogge has country strength on the interior and he knows how to use it anchoring down low on the block where he does the majority of his damage along with being a sound rebounder.


SG Connor Ilyari (Breakaway)

This wing from Breakaway impressed with the way he shot the basketball from the perimeter.  Lefty has a clean looking stroke that he consistently drilled throughout the month off the catch from deep.


C Noah May (Breakaway)

With the lack of size in 2019 in Illinois May is intriguing.  He has long arms and runs the floor very well.  Showed some offensive potential in spurts.


SF Trevon Jones (Chicago Lockdown)

Jones is going to be your classic junk yard dog at the small college level.  He doesn’t look the part, but man does this Richards forward get stuff done!


F Cody Mitchell (Chicago Lockdown)

Mitchell has some projectability to his game and he showed fluid athleticism.  Can shoot the ball from the perimeter.


SF Solomon Oraegubu (Chicago Select)

This wing is an attacking wing that loves to get downhill.  Impressed in July for Chicago Select with his motor and tenacity on the defensive end.


SF Shaden Clanton (Illinois Stars)

Clanton is an angular wing that will find a home at the small college level with his athleticism taking good angles to the hoop and can defend multiple wing spots.


PF Carter Thurman (Illinois Attack)

This 6’6” power forward worked well out of the high post area for Illinois Attack getting to the rim at Summer Challenge.


SG Ryan Menocal (Hoops4Health)

The Northridge Prep wing did a nice job at Summer Challenge for Hoops4Health using his size at 6’4” to overpower smaller and weaker wings getting to the hoop.


SG Daniel Filippone (Kessel Heat)

Filippone is the ultimate glue guy that does all the little things well.  Makes tough layups and scoop shots.


SG Malik Green (Gateway Illinois)

Green is a two guard from Mascoutah that has a compact build with strength.  Plus athlete that rebounds well and scores in transition.