Posted On: 08/2/18 9:33 AM

On Wednesday, Prep Hoops Missouri featured many of the top bucket getters and shooters at the Jayhawk Summer Finale. Today, it’s time to mention some of the top passers at the tournament. These young men helped make it responsible for those aforementioned bucket-getters and shooters.

Dylan Branson 6’5″ Brad Beal Elite 16U

Daniel Abreu 6’5″ Missouri Flight 16U

Damien Loyd 5’10” St. Louis Majestics 17U

Eli Cook 6’0″ All-Missouri Attack 15U

Trent McBride 6’7″ Storm Elite 17U

Kaden Spruell 6’3″ Marcus Denmon Elite 17U

Quran Taylor 6’0″ Marcus Denmon Elite 15U

Desi Williams 5’10” KC Run GMC 17U

Michael Englebert 6’5″ Marcus Denmon Elite 17U

Ryce Piper 5’10” All-Missouri Attack 15U

Connor Arment 5’8″ Team Rush 15U