Posted On: 08/12/18 3:00 PM

Here is a look at the top Missouri Class of 2022 players from the Jayhawk Summer Finale in Overland Park, KS.

Taj Manning 6’6″ Drive5 Power Elite 2022

One of the top young prospects in the freshman class, Manning is an athletic big who runs the court, blocks shots and gets buckets in the lane. He has excellent length and an emerging skill set. He has also been one of the top players at this week’s Jr. NBA World Championships in Orlando, averaging nearly 20 points a game. Kansas head coach Bill Self took in a couple of the Drive5 games. I’m sure Manning was one of the players he was looking at. Will attend Grandview.


Rob Martin 5’8″ Brad Beal Elite 15U

The talented young point guard was moved up to the 15U team for the weekend and he did a nice job of running the show and getting buckets.  He has good quickness and ball handling ability and a nice offensive game from three levels. He can get into the lane on the regular and knock down 3-pointers off the dribble. He’s a very poised and savvy performer. Will attend CBC.


Luther Burden III Brad Beal Elite 15U

Another fine young talent who played up with the 15Us during the weekend. He was a consistent bucket-getter throughout the year at the 14U level and that didn’t change at all playing a year up. He has a strong physical build which enables him to attack the basket through contact. His handles are good and he can create a shot for himself at almost any time. He is also a future top prospect on the football field. Will attend Cardinal Ritter.


Quinton Conley 6’3″ Drive5 Power Elite 2022

A talented young point guard with good size and excellent length. He has good ball handling ability with a little burst to go with it to get to the basket. He can also be a problem on the defensive end with his length.