Inspire Rise Above Tournament: silkiest shooters


Posted On: 08/9/18 8:00 AM

July live period is over, and plenty of Arizona’s talented basketball players are back in-state to compete before school and, eventually, high school basketball starts.

Here are some of the pure shooters that stood out at the Inspire Rise Above Tournament in Gilbert, Arizona:


Connor James of Alpha Males had the advantage of playing with a ton of tall, athletic players who took up a lot of space and drew defenders in. With cutters to the basket, defenders had to move in close, leaving James open with space from behind the arc. When the opportunity came, he rose up and knocked down several shots from distance.


Keb Summers of Inspire Albert used his size and length to rise up from all spots on the floor, but he was particularly effective from 10-15 feet out. He set good screens, and when defenders were confused or in the wrong spot, he took the pass and went straight up to hit some quality jumpers. He hit several shots from three as well.


Sam Mobisson of AZ Legends, much like Connor James, was able to utilize space created by large teammates that demanded a lot of defensive attention. He got the ball in great spots to make the defense pay from deep.


Jonah LaBranche of Team Phoenix, though it’s a bit of a stretch on this list, shot the ball well, but much of it was from the line. Foul shots are something that an unknowing observer would be surprised are actually quite inconsistent at a lot of prep-level, but LaBranche was able to get to the line frequently with his physical play on offense, and knocked down just about all his shots when he went to the line.