Hardwood Classic II (2020 Guards)


Posted On: 08/4/18 5:00 PM

Here is a look at some of the top Missouri Class of 2020 guards and wings from last weekend’s Hardwood Classic II in Lawrence, KS

Byron Alexander 6’2″ MoKan Elite (Staley)

An impressive young combo guard who plays hard at both ends of the floor. He was always looking to push the pace on offense and looking for any opportunity to attack the basket. He also hit a couple of open 3-pointers off the catch. He was also very active defensively as he darted into the passing lanes and was effective in the run-and-jump.


Coban Porter 6’3″ MoKan Elite (Father Tolton)

A fundamentally sound guard with good size and the ability to play point guard or off the ball effectively. He has a strong build who can ward of defensive pressure with his strength. He can make open 3-pointers plus he has the ability to create his own shot with a nice escape move for a jumper.


Marcus Anthony 6’2″ Express Elite (Helias)

The young shooting guard had an impressive performance in the game I watched in which he scored a game high 26 points against MoKan Select. He was a problem with his ability to get to the basket and get buckets at the rim. He played through the contact and finished well and got himself to the free throw line. He is a nice athlete who can also potentially be an excellent defensive player.


Reggie Morris 6’1″ MoKan Elite (Grandview)

The slender sniper was one of the most impressive 3-point shooters that I watched during the weekend, much like he was during the season when he helped Grandview win a Class 4 state championship. When he doesn’t start, he can come off the bench and change the trajectory of a game with his 3-point shooting.


CJ Praff 6’3″ Dominators (Chillicothe)

It was my first time seeing CJ in action and in the first five minutes, he had scored something like 15 points, hit a couple of 3-pointers and had a two or three steals. It was a dominant stretch of play from this lanky wing player with the versatile skill set. He uses his size and length to play the passing lanes on defense and grab his share of rebounds.


Ben Kaplan 6’2″ MoKan Select (Liberty North)

An excellent downtown shooter who can really fill it up when he is on. In a pool play game against Express Elite, he scored 26 points and made seven 3-pointers. His teammates did a good job of locating him and he delivered the goods from long distance. He moves well to get open and he has a quick release.


Dezmond McKinney 6’0″ MoKan Select (Raytown South)

A quick point guard who does his best work in the transition game when he is able to push the pace and attack the basket. His tempo is good and he does a nice job of finishing in the lane. He saw key minutes as a sophomore on a team that played for a Class 4 state championship. Will play a bigger role for the Cardinals in 2019.



Josh Mason 6’0″ Willpower (Nixa)

A solid combo guard who enjoyed an excellent weekend as he averaged about 20 points a game. He is thin, but he handled the ball well and can play through contact to get buckets. He had a nice perimeter stroke and he did a nice job scoring with drives and short jumpers on the move.