Specialist and Off-Ball Guard Names to Know


Posted On: 08/10/18 11:03 AM

We wanted to run back through the notebook to find the names who didn’t make a weekend recap, yet showed enough ability to receive recognition. In this Names to Know weekend series, we’re simply listing off players worthy of tracking in the coming months and years. In other words, this is your unranked guys who haven’t been mentioned in a Prep Hoops Ohio article until now. Sleepers!

We have most of these prospects evaluated as small college gems who could thrive if they find the right system or might fill a need for anyone.

This is the second installment, but check back in for the other positional breakdowns:


Josh Thorbahn (2021), 6’5” G, Ottoville / Indy Heat Red

To our knowledge, Thorbahn is the only 2021 Ohio prospect with a D-II offer. Findlay pulled the trigger on him before July. At the GRBA in Fort Wayne, they were at all of his games. 

He’s a skilled offensive player who can score inside with craft and strength or step outside and hit jumpers. Doesn’t blow you away with explosiveness but has a promising athletic build. Division I prospect potential if he continues to grow an inch or two. Scores a lot of points. Sound defensive player. Tough and smart.

Kyle Szumski (2020), 6’2” G, Medina / SMAC Primetime

Szumski is a good shooter with a collegiate release who doesn’t need the ball to be effective. He plays hard on both ends and likes to snipe from deep in transition. Especially a fan of the corner 3-pointer. Besides outside shooting, Szusmki also has a pretty thick body that should translate.

Garrison Budd (2021), 5’11” G, Bishop Ready / Hidden Gems Black

Budd is a really solid defender, both in staying in front of opposing guards and playing help-side. He also shoots the ball from the outside and hustles. A bit of a slower athlete, but you can tell Budd has it together upstairs. Capable primary ball-handler that is not going to push pace for you.

Gabe Elsawy (2021), 5’11” G, Aurora / TNBA East Black

Elsawy is a skilled scorer who can drop in a floater over shot blockers or hit jumpers from distance. He has a nice handle and scores the ball efficiently from the wing. When we caught him in Fort Wayne, we were really taken back by some of the tough shots he made. If that’s a normal thing for him, then Elsawy is a stud — we’re talking step-back 3-pointers and tough pull-ups coming off a screen.

Ethan Stearns (2019), 6’2” G, Watkins Memorial / Nova (Morgan)

Stearns is an off-ball guard shooting specialist who creates space with his pump fake and can hit the one-dribble pull-up. Decent build for a guard, which helps him resist slashers on defense. He’s stays active without the ball. Quick shooting release and good balance.

Chaz Dixon (2019), 6’2” G, Westerville Central / Ohio Hoopsters – LBC

Dixon is an offensive-minded kid persistent on getting to the rim. His stocky build allows him to overpower small guards off the dribble. Capable ball-handler who can facilitate offense or be a wing scorer.