Posted On: 08/1/18 6:07 AM

photo: @BonusSports on Twitter

Ohio’s 16U talent was incredibly spread out this year, despite having three shoe circuit teams in the state. Although we’d kept the movement at a minimal throughout the month, Hidden Gems Black and SMAC Primetime forced our hand this weekend. With giant head-to-head wins and an overall résumé to back it, both moved into the top five for the first time all season. 

#16U TeamNotesPrevious
1C2K EliteC2K was eliminated in the Elite 8 of the UAA Finals. They dominated Grand Rapids this season with first place finishes at Brawl for the Ball and the Storm Classic.1
2All Ohio RedRed was 4-1 in Orlando to end the season. Season highlight was a first place finish at the Nike Summer Championship. 2
3Hidden Gems BlackHidden Gems earned a major move up the charts with a GRBA first place finish. They beat Nova (Alleyne) and Mid Ohio Pumas Black (Staib) this weekend.7
4SMAC PrimetimePlaying against 17U competition in Louisville, SMAC was runner-up of a top bracket. They beat OBC by 19 points. 10
5Ohio Basketball ClubOBC also played against 17U teams this weekend, going 5-1 and winning a second bracket. Their season winning percentage was 55 percent.3
6Nova (Alleyne)Nova finishes as runner-up at the GRBA and notched an 11-point victory over Mid Ohio Pumas Black (Staib).6
7Mid Ohio Pumas Black (Staib)After a one-loss spring, the Pumas went 13-5 in July and lost some ground in the rankings with head-to-head losses in Fort Wayne. Overall, they were 3-3 while competing in a super pool last weekend.4
8Ohio RebelsThe Rebels were 3-1 in Orlando to finish the season. 5
9All Ohio GoldGold didn't play last weekend.8
10All Ohio ClevelandAll Ohio Cleveland finished the season with a 4-1 record in the 16U Diamond division of the Fab 48 in Vegas. The highlight of their season was a Nike Cup championship, but they also won the Dru Joyce Classic (Akron) and TNBA Memorial Classic.11
11Mid Ohio Pumas EliteThe Pumas finished on a high-note with their revamped roster, going 5-1 and winning first place at the Louisville JamFest. In general, a very nice July for the program's most talented collection of prospects.12
12Ohio BulldogsWithout star point guard CJ Anthony, the Bulldogs were 3-2 in Louisville last weekend. 9
13Hard Work - WhiteHard Work went 2-2 in the 16U Diamond division of the Fab 48 in Vegas.13
14Wooster WarriorsWooster Warriors didn't play last weekend.14
15ApexApex moves up after a 4-1 weekend in Orlando. They went 11-5 in July while also playing in the All In HoopFest and adidas Invitational.17
16TNBA OhioTNBA didn't play last weekend. 15
17Mid Ohio Pumas White (Beard)The Pumas didn't play last weekend.16
18Miller FactoryMiller Factory maintained the no. 18 spot with a 3-1 weekend in Louisville. 18
19Mid Ohio Pumas Silver (Justice)The Pumas didn't play last weekend.19
20Mid Ohio Pumas Blue (Jayaraman)The Pumas didn't play last weekend.20
No longer ranked: NA