CP3 Rising Stars: More Names To Know

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 08/18/18 5:37 PM

Maret HS Guard Louis Hutchinson: Downhill type of guard that kept defenders on the retreat, he is another player with a long wingspan that understands how to use his length. Although he can score the ball well, he played unselfish and did a nice job of kicking it to teammates after he forced the defense to collapse.

Homeschool Association Guard/Wing Chanse Perkins: He’s a versatile player at 6’4 that can do a bit of everything out there on the floor.  Rebounding, defending, blocking shots, pushing the ball out in transition and scoring are all some of the things that he does well.

Pennington Forward Enai White: The defensive side of the court is where he makes his mark, offensively he still is finding his way but defense is where he stands out. One sequence that describes him perfectly was when he got his shot blocked by an opponent, after his shot got blocked he chased down the play and came up with a big time block off the backboard.

Albany Academy F/C Riley Mulvey: There is still some rawness to his game but you have to like what he brings to the table at his young age. Rebounding is one of the areas where he already makes a nice impact, he doesn’t try to depend on his height, instead when the shot goes up he finds a body to box quickly and secures boards at a high rate

Coppell HS Guard Anthony Black: Solid player overall, he didn’t get a ton of touches but you could see flashes of his talent. One attribute that we liked about his game was how well he uses his off hand to get past defenders and finish, that something that many players even at an older age can’t do.

Hampton HS Guard Ishan Duncan: Strong frame but a lot of craftiness in his game, he displayed some solid ball handling skills to go along with his ability to initiate and embrace contact. He’s another player that displayed unselfish throughout the day by passing up good shots of his own to create great shots for teammates.