Recruiting Report: Collin Harding (2019)

High School

Posted On: 08/13/18 8:31 PM

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Collin Harding is an athlete – straight up.

The rising senior is not only an energizer on the hardwood, but also is a Division I prospect on the football field. When asked which sport he’d prefer to play at the next level, Harding said that if he could play both, that would be ideal.

“If I can play both, then I’ll play both,” Harding said.

On the gridiron, he plays wide receiver on offense and is a defensive back on the other side of the ball. Harding is also known for his kick returning skills.

Majority of the schools that have expressed interest are looking for him to be a wideout in their program. Harding mentioned that the institutions include: James Madison University, William & Mary, Elon University, Towson and Virginia Tech among others.

Okay, okay – let’s get back to hoops.

This spring/summer he ran with Team Richmond Garner Road, alongside some of the more talented high school players in the state. This forces Harding to come off the bench, but the 6-foot-2 guard looks at it as an opportunity to learn from his peers and improve his overall basketball IQ for the school season.

“It helps me adjust to the pace of the game,” Harding said. “Seeing what the flow is, see what I could do differently. Sometimes people come out and take shots, and they will be off the rest of the game, so that could determine how the rest of the game goes.

“I can see from a different point of view.”

When it comes to Harding’s game, there’s a lot to like. Defensively, he has a very good awareness to go along with his quick feet and quick hands. He is able to recognize when he can shift over to trap the ball, or even drop down to go up for a block attempt.

Check out Harding’s highlights from a three-steal performance last season here.

Opponents have to respect Harding’s range as he can knock down a shot from well beyond the arc. He also is known for getting out on the break and finishing in transition.

Check out Harding’s highlights from a 23-point performance here.

Harding will be one of the leaders on a senior-heavy Manchester roster this winter. The Lancers are looking to make a run to the post-season utilizing their experience.