Class of 2020 Climbers: Part III


Posted On: 08/30/18 10:52 AM

Behind the two ridiculously driven and talented wings (Keon Johnson, Matthew Murrell) the 2020 class features plenty more exciting wing prospects. Below you will enjoy three point guards instead.  While 2020 lacks the point guard superstars of 2018 all three of these young men figure to get D1 looks at a minimum.  With luck and persistence they could all carve out college basketball careers.

If you want to look at the complete rankings, smash here.

Climbers are either players previously undervalued or possibly players that developed their game in the last few months.

These players represent the three highest landing climbers (upward movement listed next to arrow on right of name).


Gioppino Basketball clip art#28 J.J Platt ⇑7

Recently Javonte “J.J.” Platt added open floor dunking to his already tantalizing arsenal of tricks.  Platt is a natural leader with blinding speed.  He loves to get to the tin and rarely cowers on the floor.  Platt’s transfer to Webb School-Bell Buckle sets up the school’s greatest team ever with Keon Johnson, Jordan Jenkins, and now Platt.  The region will be abuzz with absurdly entertaining games and Platt figures to be a beneficiary.

Gioppino Basketball clip art#31 Joe Anderson  ⇑6

BMaze 16u lead guard Joe Anderson impressed in July with surprising quickness.  More than a crafty playmaker Joe is a dart in the open floor.  Creating for his teammates enlivens Anderson.  Scoring will be imperative for Anderson’s high school season, but ultimately Joe Anderson projects as a pass-first point guard at the D1 level.  He anticipates a LM-MM recruiting venture, so his head is in the right place.  Anderson’s goals align well with his talents and burgeoning skills.  

Gioppino Basketball clip art#47 Jannias Parram  ⇑10

June’s West TN Showcase proved to be a wonderful showcase of Jackson South Side guard.  Parram clatters into the paint with confidence.  He changes direction at an elite level and concludes the slashes with explosive hops.  The Team West TN brand truly helped Parram present his wares for college consumption.  Look for Parram to surprise opponents outside the Jackson enclave in November-December with mental and physical toughness.