Posted On: 08/31/18 12:58 PM

PH: Being a bigger guard with the build of a Chauncey Billups type, how does the physical advantage help you? In what ways does it impact your play?

JJ: It helps me defensively, because when I stay in front of my defenders I know they’re going to try and use their arm to get past me and physicality becomes a factor. It helps me stay in front of them and cut the lane off. It really is easier for me to get to the basket and just take the contact from the bigs and finish better.

PH: How would you envision yourself growing as a playmaker at SCS this season? What niche do you feel you’ll carve for yourself at the program?

JJ: I see myself as a facilitator and also a scorer. Someone who just helps their team win. A guy who brings consistent energy and is loved by teammates. I want to leave my imprint here, being remembered as one of the best point guards to ever play here. A guy with a high IQ, that’s how I want to be remembered.

PH: Which programs are in most active pursuit of you on the recruitment front?

JJ: Weber State, Morehead State, Dartmouth, and Boston University, those are the schools I am hearing from the most as of right now. The programs which have offered me are Penn State, Towson, Weber State, Kent State, Duquesne, USF, Morehead State, Howard, and Southern Mississippi.

PH: How would you describe the competition level and the hype and buzz surrounding the game in a tradition-rich hoops hotbed like Baltimore?

JJ: I mean, basketball in Baltimore is not how it used to be. Seeing all the Division-I guys and professionals that have come out of Baltimore and from Maryland, it really pushes me. There is such a history there and that’s what motivates me to be one of the next ones to carry on the tradition and everything. This pushes me to get better everyday. I actually played against Markelle Fultz in high school, I have a picture of myself playing against him. Playing in D.C. is definitely tough. There is a team Takeover guy on pretty much every time.

PH: What do you attribute to your success in the classroom, being a 4.0 student? How would you describe where you are currently at academically, with high level AP classes and college credits?

JJ: My parents shaped me that way. I have school year round. For the first 16 years of my life, all I knew was school. My Mom would take me to the school she taught at and our days were longer. We would be in school until 5 p.m. After school, I wouldn’t have any other option but to do my homework. I got used to managing my time and also putting work first and foremost. With the college credits I have right now, I could graduate by the end of my sophomore year. After that, I’ll be getting my Masters Degree.

PH: Which components of your game do you feel differentiates you from the rest?

JJ: Just being able to score the ball and reading defenses so I can score it effectively. I think I can get to my spots really easy.