Posted On: 08/9/18 11:03 AM

Prep Hoops saw a ton of talent statewide this summer. In this article, we begin a series talking about the biggest summer stock risers from Oklahoma. 

Jacob Germany 2019 Team Griffin Post 

Germany has long been the most talented player in the state of Oklahoma. College coaches had many questions swirling around his game. Is he tough enough? Does he love basketball? Can he compete against the national competition? Germany checked all of the boxes off by the end of the summer. Of course, he still has some areas to work on, but over the summer Germany improved immensely. By the end of July, he was making plays against national competition, showing toughness, and being super productive. Germany has a bright future at the NCAA Division I level. The only thing left to figure out is what school? My bet would be on a local university.


Bryce Thompson 2020 Oklahoma Run PWP Guard

The pressure surrounding Thompson is immense as people watch his every move. As a nationally ranked prospect out of Oklahoma, Thompson proved he belonged this summer. What I love about Thompson is he continues to work on the things he struggles with on the court. This summer Thompson improved greatly in creating, passing, and explosion. He still has work to do to be elite in those areas, but certainly showed a big bump. The more I watch Thompson I have become convinced he will be a Point Guard/Two Guard at the next level. The upside for Thompson at the Point if he can continue to improve at creating and seeing the floor is extremely high. Any Point Guard with the range and scoring talents of Thompson will be able to open up the floor for their team. I expect a good jump for Thompson at Booker T. Washington this winter showing off his skills to the state of Oklahoma. Thompson is a High Major NCAA Division I recruit 


Antonio Gordon 2019 MOKAN/Oklahoma Wolpack Forward

This summer Gordon validated everything we thought of him. He began the summer with the Oklahoma Wolfpack as the focal point of the team. When they needed a bucket, Gordon provided being able to score at all three levels. At 6’9 Gordon has great versatility moving so well he can guard every position even if he is switched on a Point Guard. Gordon went from being the go-to guy for Oklahoma Wolfpack to being a role player on MOKAN ELITE in the Nike EYBL. Playing with a high motor Gordon showed his ability to be the star of his role. In the MOKAN system, Gordon showed toughness, rebounding, and the ability to score with limited touches. Over the summer he was able to prove his value on the court, especially in the Nike EYBL going up against the top talent in the country. Gordon projects to the NCAA Division I level at the Mid Major level.

Trey Green 2019 Oklahoma Impact Wing

Green is a talented tough scoring Wing. He had an excellent summer with Oklahoma Impact giving his team scoring off the drive to the hoop and pulling up from mid and three-point range. Green plays with some old school swagger to his game on the court. If he can play at any capacity and help his team win he is going to be out on the court. The leadership of Green coupled with his on-court skills has him evaluated at the NCAA Division II level. Green is a multi-sport talent and will have options in both football and basketball. 

Josh Robinson 2019 Oklahoma Power Wing 

Robinson will be a steal in the 2019 signing class in Oklahoma. At 6’5 on the Wing Robinson is versatile being able to play the 2-5 and guard any position. He can switch and be effective as a defender on anyone. Robinson is best described on offense as a multi-tool player providing his squad with shooting and a strong slash game to the hoop. Robinson also has outstanding grades with a 35 ACT (not a typo). The IQ Robinson has translates to the court as well. One area most won’t notice in his game is the way he sees the floor and passes the ball well to his teammates. Robinson is coming off a great summer with Oklahoma Power showing his unselfish impactful play from the Wing. He is going to end up in the NAIA or NCAA Division II level with a pleased coaching staff. 

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