Posted On: 08/31/18 3:48 PM

With a little under two weeks remaining before the much-anticipated Prep Hoops 250 event on September 9th, we prepare you with a few players to target at the event. With the event hosting some of the best players Colorado, it could be a bit tricky keeping up with players so I give you the top big men to watch out for in the 2019 class.

Logan Cecil – Thomas Jefferson 

Logan is a player that just stands out based off of pure size alone. Mix that in with the ability to get up and down the floor and you have one of the relatively larger players in high school basketball who is raw enough around the edges to still grow. Logan is a player that showed continuous growth last season and will put his extended work throughout the summer on display at the expo. Logan is a player that was invited as he is a player that can space the floor with his high motor, is a hard worker and has a high ceiling. Heading into the season, it will be critical for Logan to be a player that is aggressive on the boards and show that he should have a bigger role for the upcoming season.

Jaedon Bowles – Manual

If there’s one player I’m anxious to see in the expo, its Bowles. He’s a 6’6 power forward out of Manuel that led his team in every single category last season which is an impressive trait. He’s also a player that plays down in a smaller school classification and still is our No. 4 ranked player in the 2019 class. Bowles is a player that knows how to get to his spots and controls the game in every single aspect with his athleticism, but also his I.Q. He brings the ball up the floor, he works it around the post, finishes well at and above the rim, extends the defense with an outside jump-shot and is a coach’s dream for a school like Manual and it’s going to be exciting seeing him against some of the top big men from around the state which I’m sure he will be up for the task. This is one of the first players to observe from the 2019 class and excited about having him at the expo.

Bailey Verk – Thunderridge

Bailey is one of the better big men in the state when you take a look at his overall body of work. He’s a player with great size, is an example leader as he does things such as getting on the ground for loose balls, setting up for charges and anything else that the team needs. Bailey can score the ball as an above average back to the basket player, but, he also happens to be one of the best passing big men in the state and a player that really stood out come playoffs last season because he can alter the game with his mind. What he lacks in athleticism he makes up for with hustle, poise and intelligence and is one of the most intriguing players in the state in my opinion.

Brendan Temple – Douglas County

While Douglas County didn’t have the year, they were expecting to have last season, Brendan was a player that stood out and gave his team a chance most nights. He finished up the year with a stat-line of 11.1 points as the second leading scorer on the team but led the steam in rebounds (6.3) and blocks (0.7) as well. Brendan is a player that I fully expect to be on a few coach’s radars at the expo because he really does know how to take over a game when he gets it going. He’s an excellent free-throw shooter that knows how to get to the line, is becoming a better player in the post and keeps plays alive as well as he doesn’t stop moving and battles. His confidence is growing and with that he’s a player that will be hard to stop. If his aggressive and confident nature is on display, expect a school to reach out after the expo and keep him on the radar.