Arizona Christian Elite Camp Standouts


Posted On: 08/6/18 10:24 AM

With the live period officially coming to an end, Arizona Christian University took this opportunity to host their elite camp on August 3-4. The group was selective and featured some talented Arizona prospects. Below are the prospects who stood out the most during the camp.

Kaleb Brown 5’11 PG 2019 Peoria (Blue Chip Nation)

Brown shot the basketball extremely well, especially from mid-range. He has good change of pace on his moves and a quick release which enables him to get his shot off despite being undersized. Further, he applies good ball pressure and demonstrated that he was a good teammate.

Dominic Gonzalez 6’3 PG/SG 2020 Ironwood (Factory)

Gonzalez struggled in the 1 on 1 session. However, by the end, he was the best shooter in the gym. In addition to shooting it well in the shooting drills, he showed more explosiveness and got to the rim well. Further, his length aided him in being a good on-ball defender.

KJ Patrick 6’1 PG/SG Willow Canyon (Factory)

Patrick does all of the little things. He shot the basketball well, he encourages his teammates, and plays extremely hard. It exudes from him that he loves basketball. Further, he is low maintenance and wants to win. He is willing to play whatever role is needed of him to ensure that his teammates win.

Dyson Lighthall 6’7 PF/C 2020 American Leadership Academy¬†

Lighthall has good length and size. He is wide and strong which enables him to hold his spot on the block. When he got tired, he got pushed off of his spots which resulted in a couple of fade away jump shots. However, in spurts, he looked extremely good. He worked for deep seals and had good footwork to go with a soft touch around the rim.

Paul Hayden 6’4 SF 2020 Sunnyslope (Powerhouse King)

Hayden has grown and he is stronger than he was before. He is physical and plays the game the right way. He understands how to make an impact without having to touch the basketball on every possession. He sets good screens, crashes the glass, and moves without the basketball. He definitely plays the Sunnyslope way.

Josh Holloway 6’1 PG 2019 Valley Vista (Factory)

Holloway shot the basketball well off of the dribble and did well guarding the basketball. Holloway was a solid prospect with the Factory this past live period due to his ability to score the ball and play tough defense. He is a solid guard with good skill set.

Brandon Savage 6’8 PF/C 2019 Deer Valley (Powerhouse King)

Savage did not play the first day. However, he played extremely well on the second day. He has improved his overall athleticism and is looking more and more confident. He brings good length and a much improved motor. Every time I see this kid in the gym, he has improved. He is putting in a lot of work and looks like he could end up being a solid college basketball prospect.

Johnny Diaz 5’11 PG 2019 Deer Valley (Powerhouse King)

Diaz is one of the top competitors in the state. He has a bulldog mentality and does not back down. He missed the first day of camp due to an ankle injury. However, on the second day, he played and did well. His ability to shoot the basketball mixed with his lack of fear for an opponent make him intriguing at the next level.

Tyson Legner 6’1 PG/SG 2020 Rancho Solano¬†

Legner shot the basketball well from deep and is another prospect who does the little things to make an impact. He does not do anything that is flashy or that will make a highlight reel. With that said, he competes at a high level and does the things that no one is willing to do but it wins games.