Aiden Lee: On A Mission To Improve

High School

Posted On: 08/7/18 8:17 AM

There are many paths to improvement as a basketball player. Every path contains one key element:  Hard work. Aiden Lee has been working relentlessly to improve. He is a 6’0” guard/forward in the class of 2021 at Ann Arbor Pioneer. Lee plays grassroots basketball for Common Bond. 

Lee is a high level player with an excellent skill set. He has an explosive first step that allows him to attack he basket with success. Lee is solid defensively. He uses his quickness to be a strong on ball defender and his advanced mental game when off the ball. Lee is great at anticipating passes from the offense and creating turnovers. He’s an intense player who brings maximum effort to every game and practice.

Aiden Lee is constantly working to improve as a player and athlete. He is currently trying to increase his ability to use his left hand and improve his shot off the dribble. Improvements in these areas will make Lee even more dangerous offensively. He used the team camp at Grand Valley State University as an opportunity to get better. At this event, Lee fractured his ankle. The injury ended his AAU summer season, but he used it as a chance to get in the weight room and increase his upper body strength. 

Lee has made physical training a key element of his growth as a basketball player. He gets in the Ann Arbor Pioneer weight room three times a week, sets up home programs, and works with a personal trainer. Lee is trained by Mike Coval in Ann Arbor. Coval runs a unique and highly successful program that is tailored to an athletes sport, body, and areas they are trying to improve. “Mike comes out and watches and tapes all his players in order to see what they need to improve on and is a great supporter,” Lee said. The program at Coval has helped him gain strength and speed in his first step. “Along with physical benefits, there are also multiple emotional benefits including support and motivation from Mike,” Lee stated. 

Aiden Lee hopes to earn a scholarship and play Division 1 college basketball. His parents are his greatest motivators. Lee appreciates how his Mom gets him to practices and training. He’s greatful for his Dad always helping him to become the best basketball player he can be. 

Lee is a talented and hard working basketball player. With his dedication to physical training and improving as a player, the sky is the limit. Lee will be an interesting prospect to watch over the coming years. College coaches will want to keep an eye on this young prospect.