Posted On: 08/29/18 2:00 PM

Over the next couple of weeks, PHD will do a “Get To Know Him” series with several players across South Dakota. At the end of the week, we will roll out a questionnaire to test your knowledge and learn facts about some of the players around South Dakota.

What’s His Name?

Zach Wilber

Where is He From?

Wilber plays for Tea Area.

Quick Hits

How did you get into basketball? I was born into a family of basketball coaches and learned the game from them.

Is there a story behind your jersey number? I’m a big Kobe and LeBron fan, last year I wore No. 24 and this year I’m wearing No. 23

Favorite Athlete? LeBron James because he’s as great off the court as he is on

Favorite Sport? Basketball because it’s the greatest sport on earth

Interesting Fact? I’m a huge Kansas Jayhawks fan