5 players who are true hustlers

High School

Posted On: 08/14/18 9:30 AM

In the game of basketball, there are different ways for a basketball player to have an impact on the game. There’s scoring – whether it’s from mid-range, long range, or the free throw line. There’s defense – whether the team is in some type of press, zone, or man-to-man defense.

A steal is a plus. Forcing a turnover out of bounds is even bigger.

Points, steals, rebounds, assists, and fouls are all recorded on the stats sheet. But the players that are considered hustlers can’t see their names in the stats book at times. The hustlers can be the players that dives for the loose ball while it’s rolling on the court. The hustlers can be the guys that are jumping in the stands to keep the basketball alive.

These are the guys that are willing to put everything on the line for the sake of their team, no matter what has to be done. These type of players seem to get overlooked because of another player’s scoring performance or one single highlight reel. To be honest, the hustlers are just as important as the players that are scoring a bulk of the team’s points.

With that being said, let’s point out five players who define the true definition of a hustler:

Cameron Goodwin, Center Hill

Senior point guard Cameron Goodwin is playing alongside sophomore forward Kaeden Laws and senior point guard Calvin Temple. Goodwin doesn’t have to carry the offensive load because of those two guys. Goodwin is an unselfish player, with the mindset of doing whatever it takes to help the Center Hill Mustangs win a game. He’s not afraid to guard the opposing team’s best player, despite being only 5-foot-8. Goodwin is fine with contact.

He’s always diving on the floor for the loose ball. Goodwin loves to get after it.

Kevin Henry, Center Hill

I have mentioned this before: Senior shooting guard Kevin Henry loves to play defense. He brings the grit-and-grind mentality to his team. He’s all over the floor, and doesn’t mind guarding the opposing team’s best player. Henry lives for those type of moments; he looks for that challenge. Henry will probably score more points in his senior season than Goodwin, but his job will be similar to Goodwin, in terms of flying all over the floor.

Rodney Newsome, Briarcrest Christian School

Rodney Newsome is an offensive tackle for the Saints’ football team. He’s also a key forward for Briarcrest Christian School’s varsity basketball team. Newsome is very active on both ends of the court. His eyes are never off the basketball. It’s difficult to drive into the lane with Newsome there. He can’t help but stick his nose into someone else’s business.

Jonathan DeJurnett, Lausanne

Jonathan DeJurnett has the potential to develop into a consistent double-double. But, as of right now, DeJurnett is known for his awareness on the court. He plays hard on both ends. DeJurnett, 6-7, 188, moves his feet well to be a post player. If the basketball is anywhere near him, he’s going after it and will probably come up with it.

Lavoris Jones, Southwind

Senior forward Lavoris Jones makes this list because of his awareness on the glass. He stands out in the stats book because of his rebounding efforts. During the Jerry Peters Memphis Summer Classic in June, the 6-6 forward led the classic with 70 boards. Jones will need to have that same rebounding effort once the 2018-19 high school basketball season kicks off later this year.