Posted On: 08/16/18 2:22 PM

The 2021 class rounds out our current rankings updates after the grassroots season as this group of young guns continues to deepen itself with notable talent while creating a solid top tier entering the prep season.

As our rankings come out freshly updated following an eventful July period and now rounding out the summer, we can take a closer look at some of the names to key in on and follow.

Top tier developing

We end the summer campaign with a few names solidifying themselves as top prospects including Rocky Mountain’s Jaden Hansen, a guard who saw varsity minutes last year as the team repeated as 5A state champions and will undoubtedly bring back another talent filled roster to chase after a three peat. Hansen, as a frosh, saw minutes at the varsity level and will look to really show his growth in this, his sophomore season. 

A member of the grassroots Boise Slam squad, Hansen has had a nice summer playing in big tournaments against formidable competition. A guard with excellent hops, there is still plenty of room for this prime time prospect to grow his game further under excellent guidance both at the grassroots level and prep. Recruiting interest likely grew this summer as he was playing in a number of tournaments as well as some invites to more select events. 

We are really looking forward to seeing what Hansen does with the Rocky Mountain group this season as his totals will surely rise as well as his minutes of course. His pedigree and background already have done him well, but now it’s time to see him really take off. 

How crucial were those varsity minutes?

 When considering classes at this stage it can really help when a player gains experience with varsity minutes as a freshman the season before. Thus, a few names in our new rankings should stick out as a result. 

Columbia’s Jaylen Alexander, Meridian’s Brody Rowbury and Boise’s Whit Miller all fit the bill in terms of seeing varsity action as well as Lakeside’s Day Day Higgins of course. These players should all continue to rise up in our rankings and out on the hardwood for their respective teams as the experience they gained last season will surely translate over into their sophomore campaigns. 

Of course all experience whether it be at the varsity or junior varsity is valuable, but we think this group of players will have an impact this upcoming prep season and should hit your radar in terms or tracking talent in the Gem state. 

New names, and a growing list

Some new names are gracing our rankings for the first time with this update and this trend will continue as we make more progress into the prep season. Up north, Carson Lux, a skilled 6-foot-7 forward appears as well as New Plymouth’s Hyrum Lindsey, a player who makes an impact on his team and will do so again this upcoming season. 

Lake City’s Jack Kiesbuy and Grace’s Gage Stoddard are two others that have hit our board and will look to rise after a possible big sophomore season. 

More than any other set of rankings for the state, this group will increase with names and build it’s depth as we move along, young guns across Idaho will soon be hitting our radars more, it’s just a matter of time and we will be sure to highlight them here and especially with regards to the 2021 class. 

Stay tuned as our rankings continue to evolve and take shape entering the prep season, we are constantly updating our lists with chances for prospects to enter the fold year round.