2019 Sleepers

High School
Northern California

Posted On: 08/23/18 10:44 AM

As the 2018-2019 season is less than 3 months away there are a few under the radar seniors that are still available on the market. These players may not be household names but they can blossom at the college level if given an opportunity. Here are some under the radar seniors that college coaches should make an effort to go check out.
Chris Rendon – Moreau Catholic HS 6’2′ PG
Rendon is a crafty lefty that has Ginobili like ability. He can get to the rim with both hands, shoot from the outside as well as create for others.
Deontae Jenkins – Vallejo HS 5’8′ PG
Jenkins has an excellent motor that plays both ends and plays very hard. His offensive ability has improved over the summer which will make him very good at the Division 3 level, but also worth jucos taking the time out to go scout him.
Charles Hallmon – Central Catholic HS 6’5′ Wing
Hallmon has good footwork and a solid mid-range game. He attacks the glass well for offensive rebounds, and  can also defend. He isn’t the most athletic but he can be a solid stretch 4 at the JC level.
Cameron Joseph – Armijo HS 6’3′ PG
Cameron has an excellent basketball body. He is a long 6’3′ and is stronger than he looks. He has a great foot work, can handle the ball, and attacks the basket exceptionally well. Cameron is a Division 2 player but would be a steal for a NAIA or D3.