2019 Bigs to keep an eye on: Part 2

High School
North Carolina

Posted On: 08/27/18 6:24 PM

Village Christian Center Derrick Quansah: Another player that is continuing to get better each time we see him, he has put in the time to get better and although he still has a ways to go there is a lot to like about him. Blocking shots and rebounding are what he does best at this point but he is a much improved finisher, at the end of the day he has one thing that you simply can teach, and that’s height.

CFCA Center Michael Okoye: Still raw at this point and part of the reason for that is due to the injuries that he has suffered over the past few years. When he’s healthy he is a player that you can put on the floor to make some plays especially on the defensive side of the ball with his ability to protect the paint.

Greene Central Forward Imajae Dodd: There was question if Dodd would be returning but as of now it looks as though he is on his way back and on target to have a nice senior season. The fact that he is a D1 prospect is not much of a question at this point, exactly what level he fits at it is still what may be up in the air. Since early on he has made plays out of the post but the past two seasons he has shown the ability to step out and make some plays from the midrange area.

Greensboro Day School Forward Nicholas Evtimov:This summer was one of the first times that I got to see him personally but I was very impressed with his overall skillset. He can knock down shots from deep, play with his back to the basket and is a gifted passer that makes difficult passes look rather easy.

Concord First Assembly Forward/Center Peter Olatunji: He made the move over to CFA last year and although he didn’t put up big time numbers, we are expecting a solid year from him. Height and heart are two of the things you are going to get from him, he has the size at 6’8-6’9 and he is going to play hard and give you maximum effort.

New Life Christian Center Jalen Love: He still has a ways to go overall but is making progress with his development. As of late he seems to be more comfortable with catching the ball to make plays in the post and does a solid job of rebounding the Ball.