Posted On: 08/14/18 9:32 AM

The importance/relevance of Grassroots Basketball has grown massively in the past ten years so the 2019 season is already on our minds.  What do programs have back/coming up?  We give you the rundown of next year’s returning talent with a 17u 2019 starting five. 

***These line-ups are ONLY inclusive of players within their programs right now.  Of course teams will add players in the future to strengthen their teams but that’s not what we are doing today.  We are giving starting fives of what programs have coming back. 


South Dakota Attack.  Max Nielson, Kayden Verley, Kobe Busch, Ryder Kirsch, Matthew Mors

The South Dakota Attack 16u season went maybe even better than they had hoped for.  Matthew Mors earned high major offers and became a nationally known/ranked player, the team went 29-4, and ended their year with national respect in the Final Four of the Vegas Classic finishing next to EYBL teams.  What’s next?  Kobe Busch is a top South Dakota senior, Kirsch has potential for a nice future, Nielson is tough as nails and this team has the Mors Effect, meaning that he will bring many college coaches (from many levels) to games and that will be appealing to potential teammates as well. 


Pentagon Schoolers.  Nick Sayler, Boden Skunberg, Andrew Bergan, Elijah Kline, Gavin Terhark

With respect to the players that will be seniors, this 2018 Schoolers team really helped set up a big 2019.  Skunberg will be a highly recruited wing while all three of the bigs (Bergan, Terhark, and Kline) have at some point in the last four months grabbed an offer (most of those extensions from D2s).  The Schoolers need some guards from the 16s to step forward.  Could it by Nick Sayler of White River?  That would be a strong player to consider.  Or Cooper Cornemann, the state champ from Yankton who is also the QB of the football team?  Time will tell. 


ECI Prospects.  Brady Dvorak, Trace Goven, Blake Berg, Chuck Dubois, Hunter Lyman

The ECI 16s didn’t have the depth they often do this year which led to a tougher year.  That said, Brady Dvorak and Hunter Lyman has really solid years and Trave Goven is a talent from Rugby with potential.  You can expect some additions to next year as several of the state’s top sophomore high school producers didn’t play Grassroots hoops a year ago but may want to as 17s.


North Dakota Attack. Seth Nelson, Jaxon Gunville, Dante Gunville, Jaxton Wiest, Rhett Hanson

The Attack’s first season was solid, they finished above .500 and picked up a couple of nice wins.  The Gunvilles and Seth Nelson consistently gave the team solid numbers and will carry good momentum into next season. 


North Dakota Alliance. Tyler Terhark, Greyson Haman, Drew Hagen, Cam Van Damn, Zion Dettman

What does the future hold for the top 16u in North Dakota from 2018?  The Alliance is what many in Grassroots Hoops call “a mom and pop” team referring to a mom and pop store that is not attached to a “big brand”.  The Alliance were able to play the best teams from both North Dakota and South Dakota and held their own all year.  The 17u level is a whole new experience but we expect the Alliance will come at the 17u year ready for another good run. 


BBA Force.. Jacob Hennen, Sam Fawcett, Cole Hardie, Mitch Eichacker, Forrest Jackson

BBA Force had likely the best year of the South Dakota teams outside of the Attack.  They won 16s games and we would assume that since Jacob Hennen – one of the best 2021s in Minnesota last year – played at 17u this year he will likely do that again in 2019.  So one of the top teams in South Dakota will get an upgrade in Hennen in addition to what Sam Fawcett did having a strong summer. 


DTA Gold. Talon Hoffer, Jonah Williams, Zion Dettman, Parker Belgrade, Justice Noel

Another team that had a good debut, the DTA Gold squad earned themselves some noteworthy wins beating Pentagon Schoolers and ECI Selects in their debut season.  Several players performed well for DTA laying the groundwork for a 17u year that could also go very well. Hoffer is a player that not only had a big winter but followed that up with a good spring.