17U Post-Season Series: Playing Up, Playing Well


Posted On: 08/9/18 2:54 PM

Today we emphasize the “Under” in the 17 and Under level of play.  What young players stepped forward and played very well at the 17u level?  NHR gives you those names now. 

Terry Lockett

Grassroots Sizzle.  The theme here was to pick one but that’s not easy to do when the Sizzle started three 2020s and a 2021 plus had more 2020s coming off their bench!  A young team that played over .500 in the UAA.  In the coming days the Prep Hoops national rankings for the 2020 class will be released and within those rankings Jalen Suggs will be a five star, nationally ranked top 10 level talent, and Dain Dainja is certain to be a top 75 area prospect earning four stars.  Terry Lockett isn’t just a high major football prospect, he’s also one of the top point guards in the Midwest and center Chet Holmgren will be ranked fairly high when the 2021 national prospect rankings are released by Prep Hoops.  A young team all around that accomplished a lot.

Howard Pulley.   Like the Sizzle, it’s hard to pinpoint just one guy.  Blaise Beauchamp and Lu’Cye Patterson started in the Pulley backcourt and helped the Panthers to 35 wins total including a 7-9 EYBL record.  Blaise scored a dozen a game ranking with the best three point shooters in the EYBL in “3s made” while Patterson set the table for the Panthers.  Kendall Brown moved up to the 17u squad in May and was joined more and more by 2022 Trejuan Holloman

Mentality Minnesota.  The Minneapolis duo of James Sommer and Curtis Jones played up for the Mentality 17u team and grew in a lot of ways for a 37-win team.  Sommer was more assertive with his playmaking when we observed later in the year and Jones definitely improved his ability in learning how to create shots without the ball as well as with the ball. 

Howard Pulley Justice.  When we looked on in KC, Jax Madson was playing with this group as well as the 16s.  Jax offered the second Pulley 17s a steady hand with the basketball and dependable player that could come on the floor when the six players needed a breather. 

D1 Rise.  Not only did Wyatt Olson give the D1 Rise team a tough post that the group seriously needed, but Olson stepped forward and gave this team a consistent scoring option.  Olson went toe to toe with some of the better posts in the Midwest and put up solid numbers. Olson is an active banger with a touch that has some range.  

Heat HendersonMicah Ladd gave Cambridge a good 6-7 points in support last year as a sophomore and then spent his four months with the Heat gaining experience playing against quality 17U competition.  Ladd should have a quality two years playing with Henry Abraham.

UVA Stan.  Maranatha Christian Academy 6-foot-4 (and growing) wing Hakim Daniels has broad shoulders, is very agile/athletic, and seems to have improved his shooting touch since we saw him in the winter.  Daniels is the top returning scorer for the Mustangs who has the potential to have a big junior year. 

UVA Tate.  Speedy guard Maciah Harut is another Maranatha player that competed up a level for UVA as he gets ready for a bigger playmaking role as the ball handler this winter.