1 on 1: Josh Ursery

High School

Posted On: 08/12/18 8:00 AM

Josh Ursery is a 6’1 guard from Liberty High School. Josh had a great AAU season playing with PHH Schumaker. Every time I saw this kid play I was very impressed by his scoring ability (especially attacking the basket) and his dunking/jumping ability. 

1. You’ve gotten a lot of attention for your ability to dunk the ball. Is this something you constantly work on or more natural?

My ability to jump high/dunk is natural, but to improve my skills I started lifting weights to get my vertical even higher.

2. What is your biggest strength on the court?

I think my biggest strength is my ability to get to the basket and score. Another strength is making my teammates better.

3. What do you need to improve on?

I want to improve my overall game. There is always room for improvement.

4. How far do you think basketball will take you?

I want basketball to take me to the NBA.

5. Why basketball?

I play basketball for the love of the game. It is my outlet. I escape when I am on the court.

6. How’s recruiting going?

I have received a lot of interest from different schools.

7. Offers?

No offers yet.

8. What are your personal and team expectations for this upcoming season?

My personal expectations this school year is to continue working hard to improve my game. My team expectations this school year is to take my team to the championship.

9. GPA?


10. What your hoop dream?

My dream is to one day play for the NBA.