UA Challenge Day 3 Standouts

High School

Posted On: 07/13/18 9:28 PM

Day 3 was full of action at the UA Challenge at LakePoint Sports Complex in Cartersville, Georgia.

Here is a look at the top performances from Friday’s action.


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Isaiah Wong (New Jersey Monsignor Bonner/WE R1)

Don’t let Isaiah Wong’s skinny frame fool you. The 2019 6’3″ Monsignor Bonner point guard can absolutely ball. He sees the next play before it even comes to fruition. Wong is a high IQ point guard who rarely has a lapse of judgment. He’s smooth with the ball and nothing was prettier than his head fake then alley-oop to big man Eric Dixon early in the day.

Ishan White (South Carolina Berkeley/TMP)

Having jumbo point guard Josiah James on your side certainly makes easier. However, 2019 South Carolina Berkeley can hold his own. He’s a solid inside presence with strength and power to body by guys. White can stand to improve his jumper but at 6’6″, he’s a versatile guy on both ends.

Anthony Edwards (Holy Spirit Prep/Atlanta XPress)

It is so hard to find much wrong with 2020 6’5″ Holy Spirit Prep forward Anthony Edwards on the court. He’s always putting his head down and attacking and he doesn’t matter if he scores or not, because he finds his way to the line often. Edwards and his group lost to Team Breakdown in the afternoon. On the final play, Edwards drove to the rack and missed, grabbed his own board and nearly scored over three guys. He’s a special talent.

Damari Monsanto (American Heritage/Team Breakdown)

It has been such a reliable week for 2019 6’6″ forward Damari Monsanto. He’s not the most complete athlete, but boy can he shoot and he has the ballhandling and strength to get into the paint and hold his own. Plenty of coaches came away impressed with the rising senior and there are many reasons why.

Tyrell Jones (West Oaks/Showtime Ballers)

Whether Tyrell Jones is scoring or not, he’s always finding a way to contribute. Nothing is more evident than the video attached below. The 2019 6’2″ West Oaks guard has a bright mind on the floor and he can dish out full court passes, transition feeds and in-set passes. Jones is also a gifted shooter, but he’s very unselfish and plays wisely.

Jevon Tatum (Georgia Grayson/Atlanta XPress)

Hustling for boards and knocking down the mid-range spot, Jevon Tatum was pacing Edwards for the Atlanta XPress on the day. The 2019 6’1″ Grayson guard plays with endless confidence and he knows he can always lean on his jumper more often than not.