Posted On: 07/13/18 7:51 AM

On Thursday, the second day of the UA Challenge was held at the Lakepoint Sports Complex.

Former NBA players Larry Hughes, Juwan Howard and Jamal Mashburn Jr. all made appearances while Kentucky head coach John Calipari showed up for one of the final games of the day.

Here is a look at the top performances from Thursday’s slate (Part 2).


Day 1 – Part 1,  Part 2

Day 2 – Part 1

Nico Mannion (Arizona Pinnacle/West Coast Elite)

It is hard to come away from watching Nico Mannion and saying anything really bad about him. The 2019 Pinnacle guard has the occasional turnover like most high schoolers, but his shooting touch is absolutely lethal. At 6’3″, Mannion has a switch in him that he turns on time and time again, it was noticeable today with his jumpers and outside shots.

Chase Paar (Maryland Glenelg Country/Team Thrill)

College coaches I sat with during the Team Thrill-Team Breakdown afternoon tilt couldn’t stop raving about Chase Paar. The 2019 6’10” Glenelg Country center has underrated athleticism, nice foot speed and awareness on the rim. He can also shoot a little bit from outside. Paar is in solid shape in his upper body and he is able to grab boards with ease.

Wesley Cardet (Northeast/Team Breakdown)

Playing up with the 17U team, 2021 Northeast forward Wesley Cardet was making the most of his looks on Thursday. He comes in spurts right now, but you can see the potential and upside with him. Cardet was knocking down shots, driving to the hoop and played as a nice supplement to Jamal Mashburn Jr.

Jason Montgomery (Missouri Marquette/Arsenal Hoops)

Against Team MOAM, 2019 Marquette High guard Jason Montgomery was pacing the floor and serving as a step up shooter in transition. The 6’3″ athlete was leading the charge for his side and knocking down open looks. He covers the basics with his IQ and stride.

Jordan Smith (West Oaks/Showtime Ballers)

In the second game of the day for the Showtime Ballers 17U group, Jordan Smith was hands down the best scorer. The 2019 5’11” West Oaks guard was shooting at a high clip, attacking and taking smart shots. He is blazing speed and it is a huge asset for him.

Elrod Taylor (Cardinal Gibbons/Team Breakdown)

I really liked the energy and burst 2020 Cardinal Gibbons guard Elrod Taylor played with for Team Breakdown 16U late Thursday night. He runs the floor well at his 6’1″ frame and isn’t afraid to mix it up inside offensively. Taylor is a 2020 prospect to watch.