Tough And Strong Players In The Class Of 2019


Posted On: 07/6/18 7:32 AM

Tough and physically strong players are a valuable piece to a successful basketball team. They are able to assert their will against opponents and can control multiple aspects of the game. These players can set a tone for their teammates as well. The basketball players in Michigan’s class of 2019 are a collection of tough kids who use their strength to be successful. Below are a handful of the class of 2019 players that exhibit strength and toughness on the basketball court.

Daniel Friday (CG, UD Jesuit, REACH Legends)

Friday epitomizes strength and toughness in so many ways. When matched up with guards on the perimeter, he can use his size and strength to dominate them. He’s simply bigger and stronger than most guards he’ll match up with. Friday is also willing to bang in the post and pull down rebounds.

Mike Fletcher (PF, Flint Carman Ainsworth, Greenwood Elite)

Fletcher is a Michigan State football commit. He is possibly the strongest player in Michigan. Fletcher can simply impose his will in the paint. If a player is out of position for a rebound, there is no way they can outmuscle Fletcher for the ball. Offensively, he can body anyone and gain position in the paint.

Charles Anderson-Louie (SG, Harper Woods Tower)

Anderson-Louie had college ready strength as a freshman in high school. When he gets momentum from the perimeter, it’s incredibly tough to get in front of him and slow him down. Anderson-Louie uses his toughness on the defensive end, playing a physical style of basketball.

Cam Hudson (PG, Detroit Loyola, Downriver Bad Boyz)

Much like Anderson-Louie, Hudson showed up as a freshman with college level basketball strength. There aren’t many point guards that can stand up to Hudson. He is one of the most mentally tough basketball players in the state. He’s willing to play physical basketball no matter what matchup he has.

Gage McGuire (SF, Coldwater, Greenwood Elite)

McGuire is one of the most physically fit prep basketball players I’ve seen in Michigan. This allows him to play almost every position on the floor, and also causes him to be guarded by many types of players. No matter the matchup, McGuire is probably the stronger and more physical player.