Posted On: 07/18/18 10:03 AM

Shooting has become a staple in today’s game. From the NBA bracket (17U) in Fayetteville, a handful of players displayed excellent shooting abilities. These players shot the ball exceptionally this weekend in Fayetteville:

Luke Hicks 2019 TEM Select Guard

Luke Hicks is a player who shoots at a high percentage and at a high volume. He is good at slipping into open spots about the key and taking a lot of shots each game. He is confident in his ability to shoot and has zero hesitation when he has an open shot.

Jayland Sexton 2019 FAM 1920 Guard

Jayland Sexton is as pure a shooter as it gets. Sexton’s primary role on the floor is to find and knock down open shots. Sexton had eight 3-pointers in one game I was able to watch today. He does a good job of making off-ball cuts to get open and can also hit shots from the dribble.

Tristan Hines 2019 Ball 4 Life Guard

Tristan Hines’ footwork aids him in being able to get shots off. Hines has a good step back and easily separates himself from defenders. He does not hesitate much and is prepared to hit shots that come his way.

Brahm Haris 2019 Arkansas Team Will Wing

Brahm Haris’s ability to score at any time he wants cannot be understated. He is a scary payer to guard and appeared to be one of the most college-ready players this weekend. He instantly has an impact on the floor as a shooter. He is confident and well-versed shooting from the wing position, hitting a step-back, or pulling up off the dribble when a defender dares him.

Jett Sternberger 2019 Game Changers Blue Guard

Jett Sternberger is a player who has stood out as one of the top players in Oklahoma this summer. His shooting has been a catalyst in his success. He has a quick release and is able to get open shots. He is accurate, confident, and can shoot at a high percentage.