Posted On: 07/23/18 11:56 AM

Who were the top shooters from the MHP tournament this past weekend? Prep Hoops breaks them down below!


Justus Cooper 2020 Arkansas Wings Forward


Cooper put on a show on Sunday in the 5th place game for the Arkansas Wings. In large part, to his performance, the Wings captured a victory. He thrived in pick and pop situations popping out and nailing deep two’s and three-pointers. When he got hot there was no slowing him down. It was one the best single-game performances I saw this weekend.


Fred Quartlebaum III 2019 KC Run GMC Combo Guard


Quartlebaum shot the ball lights out all weekend long for KC Run GMC. The fact he can shoot the basketball coming off the bounce or in catch and shoot situations adds to his value. What most impressed me was the consistency he shot the ball with each game. Any college that lands his talents are going to find a great way to use his shooting skills. It will also help that he can handle the ball and plays tough defense.


Jett Sternberger 2019 Game Changer Hoops Point Guard


Sternberger is one of the best shooters in the entire state. He finds cracks in the defense coming off screens with or without the ball in his hands. If he has a blink of daylight you almost expect the three-pointer to go in. Sternberger is easily one of the top NCAA Division II recruits this year in Oklahoma and honestly, I can see him playing at the NCAA Division I level at a Low Major program.


Bryce Thompson 2020 Oklahoma Run PWP Wing

Thompson did not shoot his best this weekend. That being said his solid weekends by his standards are above average outings for most. The biggest reason he makes this list is the continued improvement he showed shooting the ball a little better each game. By Saturday night and Sunday Thompson was back to his usual self. Thompson is one of the best shooters in the country from three-point range.


Julian Smith 2019 Oklahoma Run PWP Combo Guard

Smith was fantastic this weekend scoring the ball the best he has in quite some time. He has always been a super talented scorer, but is starting to show progress in his game. The way he shot the ball at MHP you pretty much expected three-pointers to go in each time he shot by Sunday. Smith should pick up a lot of NCAA Divsion I interest following his showing.


Dylan Hahn 2019 Oklahoma Wolfpack Wing


Hahn goes through phases where he is really tough to stop offensively. He put on a shooting clinic this weekend at the MHP. Hahn is going to be a good small college prospect.


Da’Lin Wiggins 2019 Team Griffin Wing


Wiggins did not shoot a ton of three-pointers, but was super efficient when he did fire from deep. He made defenders pay for slacking off him. Wiggins is a good small college NCAA Division II or JUCO prospect flying under the radar.


Connor Slater 2019 Game Changer Hoops Wing


Slater had a fantastic weekend for Game Changer Hoops this weekend. He did a little bit of everything on the court. Slater makes this list for his consistent shooting from behind the arc. It did not matter if he was covered or had room Slater hit big shot after big shot. He is rising to be one of the best NCAA Division II recruits in Oklahoma.


Ethan Scott 2022 Team Buddy Buckets Point Guard


Scott is a deadeye shooter from behind the arc. He thrives best in catch and shoot situations typically. This weekend he did show great improvement in being able to create and fire up efficient shots off the dribble. He is quite the offensive talent. Oh and remember he is playing up two ages, which adds to the impressiveness of his performances.


Tully Thomsen 2020 Oklahoma Run PWP Red Wing


Thomsen is a little more traditional than most jump shooters on this list. He does not take a ton of three-pointers, but prides himself on using a nice mid-range game to lead to success. He will project to the small college level.


Seth Anderson 2019 Tulsa Hawks Point Guard


Anderson shot the ball really well from then the arc at the Point. He has a good steady dribble that helped him get to his spots on the floor.


Kobey Stephens 2021 Pro Skills Oklahoma Point Guard


Stephens is a sharpshooter from the outside for Pro Skills Oklahoma. What makes him so tough to defend is the way he moves without the basketball and his ability to create his own shot off the bounce. Stephens has become a deadeye shooter for Pro Skills Oklahoma. He has a bright future on the court.