Posted On: 07/18/18 9:55 AM

In the NCAA bracket (15U and 16U) in Fayetteville, some players stood out as great scorers. Of the players I was able to watch, here were the best scorers from the tournament:

Drew Miller 2020 AAO Flight Guard

Drew Miller is an advanced scorer among other 2020 players. He is a player who can score at will and has the ability to load the stat sheet. Miller can score 25-35 points by a plethora of scoring talents and athletic ability. He stumps defenses with a combination of his quick shot release, his accuracy from beyond the arc, his ability to finish over defenders, and his well-practiced ball-handling skills.

Cole Weber 2020 TEM Select Wing

Cole Weber is a very talented shooter who is a threat off the dribble. He has a quick shot and is dangerous even while heavily guarded. He was the catalyst with twenty-six points and eight 3-pointers in a win against a talented Team Cooper 2020 group.

Cameron Jeng 2020 NE Houston Razorbacks Wing

Cameron Jeng is explosive and likes to go to the rack. He is fast and is difficult to stop when he decides to drive. Jeng is a good ball-handler and makes crisp moves and is a strong finisher.

Nehemiah Boykins 2020 Ball 4 Life Wing
Is a player who does not force a lot of bad shots and is patient with the ball. He is fast and understands how to make great cuts to get open shots. He is an all-around offensive talent and his ability to facilitate the ball to other players gives him some space from defenders to pull up off the dribble from mid-range.

Colton Simmons 2020 AAO Flight Wing

Colton is a player who can heat up and hit a lot of 3-pointers. He is tall, shoots well, and plays with a lot of energy. He has the ability to have a big impact on a game with his scoring ability.