Top Reclassified Class of 2019s

High School

Posted On: 07/9/18 4:44 PM

Angel Smith, Class of 2019

The Team Breakdown product is an absolute leaper, a high level athlete capable of finishing on anyone.

Perhaps the most intriguing component of his gane is his IQ, which is translatable in his readiness and feel for turning in significant plays.

ODU appears to be putting in the most effort for Smith at the moment. It is only a short list of offers at the moment, one which should really grow once the 2018-19 season kicks off.

Smith, who bounced back from a nagging injury,can play from the point guard to the three.

Kenny Isnord, Class of 2019

The Bahamas-born forward is a high major athlete with an astonishing above the rim game.

Possessing a wealth of uber athleticism and a motor, the Florida resident runs the floor exceptionally well for a guy at 6-foot-8.

Terry Dew, Class of 2019

The 6-foot-7 Dew, he of the rarified displays of athleticism, is capable of injecting any offense with freakish finishing.

He’s become a dependable scorer at all three levels. He still needs to develop a more reliable handle and a skill set in scoring off thr dribble. The Georgia native, who is weighing the option of playing his re-class season in Florida, has a lot to offer.

Javonni Quince, Class of 2019

The Dwyer product plays with a toughness and sustained relentlessness throughout.

He’s extremely underrated as an active on-ball defender. This past year, Quince proved to be one of Palm Beach County’s superior perimeter defenders at Dwyer High.

He was additionally a reliable supplementary scorer to 6-foot-5 go to scorer Miles Coleman.

Malcolm Farrington, Class of 2019

A veritable 3-point rainmaker known for his shooting exploits on The Grind Session events (20 points and Game MVP honors in BPA’s win over WKU’s Charles Bassey and Aspire Academy), Farrington is an extremely efficient scoring source.

He’s the type of hot-handed shooter who can piece together 7-for-11 or 6-for-8 performances from beyond the arc.

While the 6-foot-4 guard from Port St. Lucie played sparingly for Nike Team Florida this spring, he’s the type of quick strike 3-point assailant capable of piling up points in a hurry.

He’s additionally become a very reliable on ball defender. He’s gained muscle, becoming more dieseled up in the process.

Aleksander Kayukov, Class of 2019

A high scoring guard with a potent shooting touch, Kayukov is adept at manufacturing points off the dribble. He’s got a growing pull up game and a notable IQ.

He certainly has the chance to play high level Div.2 or low major Division-I basketball, depending on how he produces on big stages.

Sasha Kayukov, Class of 2020

The 6-foot-3 guard is a very proficient shooter. He needs to continue to develop as a defender and guard the perimeter.

Dyson Frank, Class of 2020

There is talk of Frank, who is from Utah originally, maximizing his opportunities by re-classifying into the Class of 2020.

He will spend the 2018-19 campaign under a proven, reputable coach in Tony Bergeron.

Frank is a 6-foot-7 face-up four man who can really spread the floor out and stick shots. As he continues to develop, Frank’s bouncy athleticism will enable him to turn in acrobatic plays.