Top rebounders from Fayetteville


Posted On: 07/17/18 8:57 AM

A few athletes stood out as exceptional rebounders in Fayetteville. Here are the players that stood out to me that I was able to see:
Braylin McKinley 2020 Team Cooper Post 
McKinley plays as a five usually for Team Cooper, but also has forward-like skills. He has some size to him but gets boards over guys that have a couple inches on him. He really knows where to be and judges falling rebounds well. He has some body control and seems to have a grasp on leverage.
Brayden Freeman 2020 AAO Flight post
Freeman is an aggressive rebounder who does not just subscribe to the short rebounds but hustles to get the long rebounds as well. He has good hands and is fundamentally sound as a rebounder.
Jacob Howard, 2021 Team Jah’s Elite Wing
Howard out-jumps many competitors to grab rebounds and is well-coordinated under the rim. He is a glue guy whose skills elevate the players around him.
Malachi Bingham 2020 Houston Razorbacks Post
Malachi Bingham is one of the most pure post-type guys that was present on the first day. A large part of his game revolves around his ability to get rebounds. At six-foot-six-inches and 220 pounds, Bingham is considerably stronger than guys around him. He uses this to his advantage.
Jadis Smith Team Will 2019 Wing
Smith may be overlooked on a roster of athletic guys, but do not count him out. At six-foot-five, Smith pulls down a lot of boards with his long arms. A lot of his defensive boards turn into transition points. He also brings his team together in general and plays a leadership role.
Coleman Wheeler, 2019 Arkansas Wings Post
Six-foot-five Coleman Wheeler get boards like nobody’s business. His big body allows him to box out an entire area. Short rebounds are bound to fall in within Wheeler’s reach when he is on the floor.
Brendan Smith 2019 TEM Select Wing
Smith is listed at six-foot-seven-inches, but does not rest on size alone to get boards. Smith is a ferocious, hard-working rebounder. He clearly takes pride in his role as a board-getter and does the fundamentals well
Mandell Campbell 2019 Arkansas Kings Post 
Mandell Campbell was one of the best players from the first day at the whole tournament. At six-foot-eight, Campbell is scary athletic. He has a knack for reaching out and grabbing rebounds like a wide receiver. He is an aggressive and physical athlete who can get a lot of second shot opportunities for offenses and turn defense to offense with ease.