Posted On: 07/13/18 4:10 PM

Landry Harris 2021 Oklahoma Power Point Guard

Harris had a great weekend showcasing his skills on the hardwood. The way he is able to share the ball very effectively and efficiently was impressive. Harris gave his team a fair amount of scoring as well from the Point Guard spot. The change of pace and quickness Harris plays with keeps defenders on their toes non-stop. Harris is a super smart Point Guard on the court that is making sure people take notice of his talents in the 2021 Class.

Nate Goodlow 2020 Team Griffin Point Guard

Goodlow is a talented Point Guard that controls the pace of the game well. When everyone else is going 100MPH Goodlow seems to play at the same speed but with such ease. He scores the ball well off the bounce, but can also be productive as a spot up shooter coming off screens. Goodlow dices the defense up off the drive to the hoop. Out of every Oklahoma prospect, Goodlow has had one of the best summers improving and showing off his skill set.

“KD” Jolly 2020 Team Buddy Buckets Point Guard

Jolly is one of the most improved players this grassroots season across the state of Oklahoma. The hard work he has put in is paying off big time on the court. Jolly has turned into a player that makes others around him better. The crisp passing to teammates for open looks is the biggest improvement in his game. Growing up Jolly was always one of the better shooters from mid and three-point range. He has continued to progress into a good shooter and has learned to take great looks at the hoop. Last but not least he has improved his drive and finishing skills to the hoop. Jolly is going to be one of the top small college payers in the Oklahoma 2020 Class.

Diondre Alexander??? 2019 Teamwork Point Guard

Alexander is not the tallest or the strongest on the court, but don’t tell him. He plays with great heart and a pitbul mentality. Alexander was great at using his quickness to blow past defenders and draw fouls. Alexander is also a tough defender constantly putting pressure on the opposing Point Guard. Alexander is a team-first Point Guard that looks to create and kick first. If he has an opening to the basket he takes advantage of it.

Quincey Sheppard 2020 Texas Tigers Point Guard

Shepard brings his hard hat and goes to work game in and game out. He is a shifty quick undersized Point Guard. When the ball is in his hands he is great at creating off the dribble to get open shots not just for himself, but teammates as well. Sheppard makes others around him better. What makes him a complete player is the pressure he can apply on the ball defensively. He must lock in on defense at all times to go to the next level in his game. The skills are certainly there for Sheppard to be a small college prospect.


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