Posted On: 07/19/18 9:45 AM

The first day of the On The Radar Hoops Super 6 Showcase Session 1 started on Wednesday at Westminster Schools in Atlanta, Ga.

A beautiful campus that featured five courts had college coaches all around with fans intrigued and some really good talent on hand.

Here’s a look at the standouts from Wednesday’s slate.

Jalen Barr (North Carolina Olympic/Team United)

A 6’4″ 2019 Olympic guard/forward, Jalen Barr was beyond impressive last week at Peach Jam, where his best plays came on a block on Cassius Stanley with 30 seconds left in a quarterfinal loss to Team Why Not. Barr was dunking routinely last week and he was back at it in a nightcap tilt against Showtime Hoops. He is a pure athlete dripping with potential.

Max Fiedler (Melbourne/Team MOAM)

Furman and Western Carolina are the latest Division I offers from 2019 Melbourne forward Max Fiedler. The big man has nimble feet, moves up the court well for his size and can really mix it up with his hook shot and lay-ins. At 6’9″, Fiedler won’t wow you with his athleticism, but that is okay because he gets the job done simply as a reliable basketball player.

Diante Smith (Choctaw/Showtime Hoops)

Although his team lost to Team United, 2019 Alabama commit and Choctaw forward Diante Smith was electric at times against a very good athletic group. The 6’6″ Smith can shoot from outside well, drive and kick and score for himself. His downhill speed and toughness helps him win one-on-one battles.

Johnny MacFatten (Coffee/Team Power)

In a win over SEBA to close out the night, 2019 Coffee forward Johnny MacFatten proved why he can be an inside threat. His ballhandling certainly needs work, but the 6’7″ forward plays the big man role well with his ability to weave by defenders and get inside due to his combo of speed and strength.

Terrell Burden (Georgia Campbell/Game Elite Monstars)

A good IQ passer and fluid attacker, 2019 Campbell guard Terrell Burden stuck out in a win over the Smyrna Stars. Burden was getting into his spots in the mid-range area, knocking down jumpers and finding teammates on cuts to the hoop. He creates for his team and takes the smart shot when he is open.

Elias King (Georgia Friendship Christian/ATL Hoops)

Full of length and tenacity, 2019 Friendship Christian forward Elias King is a good shooter at 6’8″. He can mix it up defensively with his blocking and rebounding. King is an elusive player who proved his worth in spurts in a loss to SEBA.