Posted On: 07/11/18 7:39 AM

Prep Hoops took in a few days of action here from the National Travel Basketball Association (NTBA) National Championships down on the Grand Strand in Myrtle Beach, SC. Lets take a look at some of the top players we had a chance to see play in the event.

Timothy Steele (2020) – Conway HS – Myrtle Beach Phenoms 

Steele is a bit of a mismatch at times on the floor. Steele 6’4 can play inside-out on the floor. Steele likes to handle the ball or settle for a long distance three pointer.

Shy Qua Grimes

Shy’Qua Grimes (2018) –  Kinston (NC) Ballers AAU 

Grimes played here last year with the Kinston Ballers. Grimes needs to find a junior college for next season. Grimes 6’10 attended Legacy Early College (Greenville, SC) a few years ago and D.H. Conley (Greenville, NC) early on in high school. Grimes has a long and slender frame and can glide up and down the court.

Jevon Griffin

Jevon Griffin (2018) – North Myrtle Beach HS – Confidence Cougars 17U

Griffin a sharp shooting guard lost last night to the Kinston Ballers in the Final 16. Griffin a left-handed guard can really knockdown shots on the perimeter.

Twanye Butler

Twanye Butler (2018) – CE Murray HS (Greeleyville) – Carolina Knights 

Butler is a very bouncy young man that plays above the rim at time. Butler 6’4 forward is a extremely quick leaper and does all of his work from approximately 2-4 feet inside the paint.

Carrele Cooper

Carrele Cooper (2020) – Andrews HS – Manzer 16U 

Cooper has had a good showing here at the NTBA National Championships. Cooper has been knocking down some shots on the perimeter and remaining active in the passing lanes.

Tyjhai Calvin (2020) – East Clarendon HS (Turbeville) – Carolina Knights  (pictured on front)

Calvin is a strong barrel chested point guard. Calvin ALWAYS seems to be under-control while on the floor directing traffic here for the Knights or his high school team the Wolverines.


NTBA National Championships will wrap up today in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Kinston Ballers were playing in the quarterfinals this morning of the Gold Bracket. Kinston Ballers defeated the Confidence Cougars 17U last night to advance.

Manzer 16U and Myrtle Beach Phenoms are currently still playing in the quarterfinals bracket of the 10th Grade Bracket.