Top Glue Guys at The Finale


Posted On: 07/9/18 2:17 PM

Glue Guys are the ones that may go unnoticed in the box score but do a great job providing their team the little things on the court.

Austin Brewer 2020 Crab5 Elite Post

Brewer is a bruiser down low in the paint. He does not have a ton of physical strength just yet with his 6’9 long and lanky frame. The strength will come over time, which will add a lot to his game. The toughness and will to rebound on both ends speaks volumes about Brewer. He will be a prospect that turns some heads in the 2020 Class out of Texas.

Dakota Armstrong 2019 Oklahoma Wolfpack Post

Armstrong is a tremendous rebounder for Oklahoma Wolfpack in the paint. Standing around 6’9 with great hops he is able to pull down boards on both ends effectively. He plays with an extremely high motor on the floor. The defensive end blocking shots is another area Armstrong thrives in. The length he provides on the floor causes opponents to adjust shots.

Cordell King Adidas Unity 2021 Post

King had a great weekend with Adidas Unity. He is an undersized Forward that creates mismatch nightmares for opposing teams. The energy he brings each and every game is infectious. King is not the most talented, but won’t be outworked by anyone. He really excelled on the offensive end.

Sean Pedulla 2021 Team Buddy Buckets Guard

Pedulla is a tough hard-nosed Guard that makes winning plays non-stop on the floor. He can score the basketball really well from three-point range. What makes him a “Glue Guy” is his wiliness to do all of the small things. The high motor and defense he brings to his team were phenomenal.

Taelon Peter 2020 Team Cooper Wing

Peter was one of the most athletic players that competed today. Peter makes great defensive plays by causing a cluster in the lane and forcing bad decisions from would-be scorers. He does a lot of the little things right; such as anticipating screens, helping, sliding and using his wingspan to crowd the paint.

Mason Hart 2019 Game Changer Hoops Wing

Hart is the man who is often forgotten about on the Game Changer Hoops Blue roster. Most games he does not lead the way scoring but watch closely. Defensively he can switch and guard the opposing team’s players 1-5. He rebounds really well for a Wing and can score better than most realize. Hart is a winner.  On top of everything, he has a great ACT score that will add to his intrigue as a prospect.

Sam Godwin 2020 Team Buddy Buckets Forward 

Godwin was fantastic on the boards all weekend long for Team Buddy Buckets. He is a grinder down low that makes sure opposing players feel his presence! Godwin is going to be a great get for the small college that lands him in two years.


Josh Robinson 2019 Oklahoma Power Wing

Robinson does all of the small things you love to see from a prospect. At 6’5 he is a great screener, hustle guy, scores it efficiently, and many more positive impacts on the game. He is super smart in the classroom with a 35 ACT score and it shows in his high basketball IQ as well. Robinson wants to play college basketball and with his skill set plus his motor, he will have many opportunities.


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