Posted On: 07/29/18 4:51 PM

From the games, I took in this weekend in Chicago the players below were the best at driving to the bucket and finding ways to finish!

Ryan Jacobson 2020 Kessel Heat Point Guard


Jacobson had strong drives to the hoop and was able to finish at a great rate. The quickness of Jacobson off the dribble caught defenders in sand. Jacobson was good at breaking down the defense leading to scoring for either himself or teammates. He projects to the small college level.

Dominique Hardimon 2019 Victory Ministry Wing


Hardimon dominated this weekend especially in the championship game using his skill set to score in a variety of ways. Most notably, Hardimon used a great dribble and body strength to score the basketball. He has great body control around the basket on his drives.

Nathan Shockey 2020 Breakaway Basketball Point Guard


Shockey is a feisty undersized Point Guard with exceptional ball-handling skills, vision, and will to score. He drove the ball well all weekend long. Most notably against the most talented team in the tournament D1 Minnesota Shockey excelled attacking the tall trees inside. The quickness and change of pace from Shockey threw defenders off. He is going to make a good small college player.

Isaiah Davis 2020 Victory Ministry Point Guard


Davis is strong as a bull at the Point Guard spot. He drives with precision to the rim using his low gravity dribble with his strength to power over smaller guards on his way to the rack. Davis finished well using his body and the basket to his advantage. He is going to make a good small college prospect.

Jalen Washington 2022 Meanstreets Wing/Forward


Washington is a super talented athletic tall Wing/Forward. At this point, it is hard to tell if he will end up being a 3 or a 4. At 6’6 with his skills set of being able to score the ball so well off the bounce, he has an opportunity to do both. He can also shoot it, which opens up the floor. He was one of the most talented players in the entire tournament.

Raymond Broughton Jr. 2019 Wisconsin Triple Threat Guard


Broughton Jr. is a strong physical Guard that can play the 1-3. He plays in constant attack mode off the bounce. Boughton Jr. uses his solid handle and great strength to get to the basket and finish. He has a college-ready body now. Broughton Jr. should have opportunities to play at the small college level.

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