Top 5 senior point guards heading into the 2018-19 season


Posted On: 07/31/18 9:00 AM

It’s hard to run a team without a point guard that’s careful with the basketball, has eyes in the back of his head, and the drive to play hard on both ends of the court.

A point guard doesn’t have to necessary score the basketball like a true shooting guard would do, but it would be helpful for the offense to flow better. The 2018-19 high school basketball season is gradually approaching us all, and each team in the state of Tennessee, and everywhere else, will look to have a solid season.

There are five senior point guards, in order, that are going to play a huge part in their team’s success next season. Without these five guys, there’s no telling where their respective teams would be, in terms of records and chances of playing for a state championship.

Without further ado, here are the top five senior point guards that have earned the respect of their coaches, players, and fans due to their hard work on the hardwood floor:

Calvin Temple, Center Hill High School

Without 6-foot-1 Calvin Temple, Center Hill High School doesn’t have a chance of competing for a state championship. He’s the type of point guard that garners attention from each team he plays. Temple is dangerous on offense. He can score from the outside, and he’s a solid free throw shooter. Temple led the Mustangs in scoring in the Jerry Peters Memphis Summer Classic. People should expect for Temple to do it one more time for Center Hill.

Antonio Thomas, Memphis East High School

Antonio Thomas is a very physical point guard. He plays like an old school guard. He’s not flashy at all. He’s not a highlight reel type of player. Thomas simply plays the game hard and rough from the jump. He has the hardware to prove it. He helped East High School win its third-straight TSSAA Bluecross State Championship last season. Thomas’ upper body strength gives him an advantage. He doesn’t shy away from competition. His heart is what makes him special.

K.J. Johnson, Marshall County High School

K.J. Johnson would have easily landed in the top two if it wasn’t for Thomas’ championship ring. The 6-2 guard can shoot from long range. He’s a left-handed sniper, and is a hard matchup because of his ball handling skills. Johnson can get to the basket with ease, and hardly ever has a problem going left. Johnson’s main goal is to lead his high school to a state title. If his teammates play as hard as he does, there’s a chance it could happen.

Ashton Taylor, Southwind High School

Ashton Taylor takes good care of the basketball. He won’t be relied on to score for Southwind High School next season, with Kameron Jones and Jeremiah Miller as the Jaguars’ two best scorers. Taylor will just need to run the offense and find the open man. He’s very good at that.

Jerriah Love, Berkmar High School

Jerriah Love deserves some love for how hard he plays against guys who are much taller than he is. He used to attend Science Hill High School, but will be relocating to Atlanta, Georgia to attend Berkmar High School. Love is roughly 5-8, maybe 5-9, but he plays like he’s 6-3. He has upper body strength, which makes up for his speed. Love can shoot from the outside, has great court vision, and isn’t afraid of contact. The school in Georgia will be glad to have him.