Top 2021 PGs


Posted On: 07/3/18 6:00 AM

Here are the top 2021 point guards in the state of Illinois early in the process!


Anthony Sayles (Niles Notre Dame)

Overall Ranking: #4
Travel Team: Illinois Wolves

Sayles is an athletic quick twitched athlete that is a tough cover in transition.  He weaves in and out of the defense and is a great layup maker at the rim.  Gets to the hoop on a consistent basis.  Nice passer that can throw them with bullet dishes as well as putting touch on it.  He rebounds well for his size with an explosive second jump.  Debuts as top point guard in the class.




Kimahri Wilson (Carmel)

Overall Ranking: #9
Travel Team: Young & Reckless

Wilson is a 5’11” thin point guard.  He is a quick and dynamic point guard that has the ability to break down defenders off the bounce and get to the rim.  At times he can over dribble a bit too much and forced some turnovers with some flashy passes.  Seems to settle in as the game goes on playing better in the second half making quality decisions with the ball and looking to be more aggressive as a scorer getting to the rack.  Can hit a mid-range jumper.  Hasn’t shot it from three much early in the process.


Bucky Irving (Hillcrest)

Overall Ranking: #16
Travel Team: Mac Irvin Fire

Irving is transferring from Morgan Park to Hillcrest for his sophomore season.  Hillcrest should be very excited about what they are getting.  The compact and stocky 5’10” point guard is mostly a scorer and he lets it fly from three.  Can really shoot it from deep!




Nathanael Hoskins (Danville)

Overall Ranking: #17
Travel Team: Meanstreets

The 6’2” lefty point guard is a crafty guard that handles it well and lives in the paint.  He isn’t the most explosive athlete, but has a knack getting in the paint and finish with runners, floaters, layups, or mid-range pull ups.  Makes some difficult shots at the rim.  Look forward to continuing to track his progress.




Norvell Meadows (Prosser)

Overall Ranking: #23
Travel Team: Meanstreets

Meadows is a 5’10” scoring point guard that we saw last high school season.  He is a scoring point guard that is a volume shooter.  Meadows lets it fly from pretty much anywhere.  Shot selection needs to improve, but he can definitely put it in the hoop.  Capable three point shooter and pushes in transition.  When he does pass he actually makes nice dishes.  Would like to see him be more of a distributor and improve shot selection.


Boopie Miller (Morgan Park)

Overall Ranking: #24
Travel Team: Mac Irvin Fire

Miller is a tiny guard but he can really shoot the basketball. The Morgan Park 2021 lead guard can drill an array of threes and also get to the hoop where he finishes with acrobatic layups.


Kenton Wright (Hillcrest)

Overall Ranking: #25
Travel Team: Meanstreets

Wright is a point guard from Hillcrest at 5’10” that put himself on our radar with his play this spring.  Outstanding shooter that was lethal at times connecting from both three and mid-range.  Balance shot.  Also gets to the line.


Noah Reynolds (Peoria Notre Dame)

Overall Ranking: #26
Travel Team: Brad Beal Elite

Reynolds is out of Peoria Richwoods High School.  We heard some buzz about him during the season but this spring was our first chance to evaluate him.  The lefty is an excellent passer from the lead guard spot.  Creativity with his passing finding his teammates.  Can throw bullet passes and put touch on it.  Hits a three on occasion.


Isaiah Donnell (Peoria Richwoods)

Overall Ranking: #27
Travel Team: Brad Beal Elite

Donnell has nice size at about 6’2” for the lead guard spot.  He can light it up scoring in the open floor.  Pushes the tempo and gets to the rim in transition.  He and Reynolds are two quality central Illinois guards to watch!


Ethyn Brown (Belleville Althoff)

Overall Ranking: #33
Travel Team: Ramey-Jets United

Brown is a smooth lead guard that has athleticism that he likes to use in the paint.  Sound perimeter shooter who can hit a three when left open.  Like how he mixes up scoring and passing getting others involved with crisp passes in the half court.


Parker Wolfe (Effingham)

Overall Ranking: #38
Travel Team: Illinois Bears

Wolfe is a tough scoring lead guard that gets the most out of his ability every time he steps out on the floor.  Wolfe lives at the free throw line getting in the lane and drawing contact.  Also makes some excellent passes including on the money full court outlets for layups.  Can also score with tough jumpers and pushing it in the open floor.  He converts some really difficult layups at the rim amongst the trees.