Posted On: 07/25/18 12:31 PM

At Jerry Mullen’s High Prospect camp in Wichita last weekend, some players stood out for having an aptitude towards grabbing a lot of rebounds. These are the 17U players that stood out for being exceptional rebounders:

Joe Petrakis 2018 KS MTXE Wing/Post

Gregory Petrakis plays physical in the paint and is tough. He has good hands, can jump, and is very competitive-minded rebounder. Offensively, he goes back up with a lot of boards and draws fouls often. The six-foot-nine center also has a 28 ACT and is signed to Dodge City Comunity College.

Kalaun Baker 2019 Marcus Denmon Elite Guard

Kalaun Baker, at six-foot-one, is not the typical frame you would expect to be getting many rebounds. However, Baker’s motor and high-energy play allow him to get boards like most guards do not get boards. He is particularly talented at judging and taking long rebounds from opposing players.

Noah Chamberlain 2019 Minnesota Heat (MacDonald) wing

Noah Chamberlain is an astounding rebounder who pulls down a lot of boards. He is physical, sneaky fast and moves really well in the post. Chamberlain has great hands that aid him in getting rebounds.

Spencer Jones 2019 KC Spurs Wing

Spencer Jones is a ferociously-athletic player and abuses other players under the basket with his strength and speed. Jones has exceptional foot-work, blocks out well, and gets put-backs frequently.

Connor Slater 2019 Game Changers Blue Post

Connor Slater rebounded well as he has all summer. He has a long wingspan and is very athletic. He is able to reach out and grab boards due to his size and speed bringing the ball back down.

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl 2019 KC Run GMC Post

Jeremiah Robinson-Earl was one of the strongest players on the floor in Wichita in every matchup his team was in. Robinson-Earl is an extremely athletic and difficult player to attempt to out-rebound. His build lends him upside that not many other players have.