Posted On: 07/24/18 7:40 PM

Mayuom Buom 2019 OSA Crusaders Post

Buom, at six-foot-eight-inches, has an especially long wingspan and is very difficult to get decent shots against. While Buom is on the floor, teams typically have to resort to 3-pointers or pull-up mid-range shots as Buom bats away any balls that come within his reach.

Drew Tennial 2019 Team Griffin 17U Wing

Drew Tennial is a tenacious and intense defender. Tennial is one of the stronger player you will see at the high school level, and opposing players have difficulty getting through him. Tennial has an impact defensively in the paint as well as on the perimeter, jumping passes and turning defense into offense.

Miles Slater 2019 Game Changers Blue Guard

Miles Slater anticipates passes well and can get steals. He has good lateral quickness and is able to limit opposing guard that may have a few inches on him in height. Slater sticks out for being a particularly smart defender, moving over and helping his teammates

Desi Williams 2019 KC Run GMC guard

Desi Williams does a good job of anchoring the KC Run GMC defense. His leadership ability and defensive IQ allow him to be in the right place at the right time to help his teammates or anticipate a casual pass and grab a steal. Williams’ speed and footwork allow his body to keep up with his vision.

Jaden Ray 2019 Team Griffin guard

Jaden Ray has both exceptional footwork and quick hands, making him a menace for ball-handlers. His best defensive attribute is his ability to predict ball-handlers and poke the ball out of their handle. Ray causes a lot of turnovers when he is on the floor and is a valuable piece to 17U Team Griffin’s success.