Posted On: 07/11/18 2:36 PM

What players made their name known scoring the basketball at The Finale?

Journee Phillips 2020 Texas Tigers Combo Guard

Phillips was a problem for every opponent that played him this weekend. With the ball in his hands he can get to the paint and score anytime he wants to for the Texas Tigers. Having Phillips created mismatches for the Tigers at multiple positions with the lanes he opens up for scoring opportunities.

Shawn Warrior 2020 Kansas Pray N Play Wing

Warrior is a shifty Wing that thrives off of cutting to the basket. He has a grind attitude to his game. On Sunday he did a great job of using his high basketball IQ to make game-winning plays. Warrior has impressed me with his scoring talents in all three of the tournaments I have scouted him this year.

Brandon Zeno 2020 Spencer Cougars Post

Zeno is an untraditional Post player for the Spencer Cougars that is undersized, but has great strength. He plays with a good presence on the low block. If he gets the ball on the block you could almost count on him delivering some points. Taller defenders are tougher for him to score on, but he uses his strength to muscle shots in.

Jayden Winder 2020 Spencer Cougars Combo Guard

Winder has a smooth game to him at the Point and the two Guard spot. He plays with great pace gliding to the hoop. Winder was able to open up the defense with his strong drives and that led to him being able to find teammates off of the drive for open three-pointers. Winder is an upcoming kid to know about for small colleges.

Craig Collier Jr. 2020 Arkansas Heat Elite Point Guard

Collier did a bit of everything using his quickness and jumper to hurt teams. He is also an effective passer and plays solid defense. The scoring skills of Collier played a great part in his teams success on Saturday.

Isaiah Johnson 2020 Amarillo Bulldawgz Guard

Johnson found creative ways off the bounce to get to the bucket and score. He led his team in scoring and was the clear leader on the court. The poise and heart he plays with add to the intrigue of him as a player. Johnson drives with confidence and lots of speed to the hole. He will be one to keep an eye on over the next couple of years.

CJ Campbell 2020 Oklahoma Eagles Point Guard

Campbell drove to the basket really strong throughout the day on Saturday. He is tough to guard as he seems to make the perfect plays at all the right times. Campbell is undersized with a quick dribble. The problems he presents defenses not one allows him to score, it also opens up the floor for his teammates. He plays with a great pace and feel for the game. Campbell is a guy for small colleges to be aware of in the Oklahoma 2020 Class.

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