Posted On: 07/7/18 3:46 PM

Rebounding at a high level has been on display this morning and here are a few of the top performers on the glass.

Kael Kordonowy 2019 River City Hoops

Kardonowy is a lanky 6’8 post who does not shy away from contact. If the ball is in play then he will go and get it.

The 2019 big man did a great job this morning of clearing out space but also made the effort plays needed to get rebounds outside of his area.

His team lost to a tough KC Pacers team earlier but Kordonowy showed that he is a valuable big for colleges to look at. He has an enormous wing span and he plays with an energy that you need to be a great rebounder.

Shemar Smith 2019  Team Griffin

Smith looks like a prototypical D1 wing but he plays with the physicality of a power forward. Smith is not a fully developed man yet but he will get there someday. However, Smith has become one of the better rebounders at his position.

Smith is the type of rebounder when he goes up and gets the ball at its apex the crowd lets outs a gasp as if they cannot believe it.

The 2019 wing/forward has done a great job of grabbing the rebound and securing the stop for the defense.It will be fun to see Smith battle it out against better competition.

Blake Owens 2018 Oklahoma Wolfpack

There is a no better energy big man in the gym than Owens. He plays with a ton of passion and intensity. He applies all of these traits to attack the the ball after the missed shot.

Owens right now is a better offensive rebounder just because of his quick twitch ability to get off the floor and then get off the floor again.

Rebounding is a skill that can travel with you no matter what level you go too. Owens has big plans and rebounding will be something he can use while he develops the other parts of his game.

Owens is playing well in this event because his energy is non stop which made him a nightmare to box out.

Jacob Germany 2019 Team Griffin

When you play next to a player like Shemar Smith it can be tough to collect a lot of rebounds.

However at 6’11, Germany finds a way to get in the mix and come out with the basketball. The bouncy big man from Kingston has the athleticism to clean up the class on both ends.

He has done a great job of holding off stronger players from getting the ball. He places at the same pace all game so sometimes you dont think about him dominating through grabbing rebounds.

One of the key reasons for Team Griffin’s success is their ability to defend and they dont give you second chances due to the rebounding duo of Smith and Germany.

Sam Godwin 2020 Buddy Buckets

Godwin is as solid as they come. No mistakes and improving skill level has made Godwin a prospect to look out for. He is an elite rebounder who always attacks the ball with two hands.

He is not afraid to get on the floor for a loose ball either. Buddy Buckets let Godwin be who he is and excel at his role as a great rebounder and defender who can score when needed.

He has done a great job collecting a tough rebound and also leading his guards with a good outlet to give them the advantage on the break.

If you are interested in the fundamentals of the post position than you will enjoy watching Godwin perform.

Sean Pedulla2021 Buddy Buckets

On this list you have seen guys 6’5 and above but Pedulla wanted it to be know that he likes to get in there and help the big fellas out.

Pedulla on numerous occasions would sky up and grab a board with emphasis and start the fast break. He is a rebounder who doesn’t really box out but he is more inclined to go get which I do not mind.

Pedulla is 6′ on a good day but has great timing and is not so enamored with the possibility of a break away layup that he leaks out. He stays in the play until the ball is secured and in many cases he is the one collecting the ball.