Team Rankings: 16u top 12


Posted On: 07/3/18 12:47 PM

The South Dakota Attack 16s won the GPA this weekend beating the top 16s from North Dakota and beating a pair of top five teams from Minnesota along the way so they lead off the rankings again.

RankTeamRecordWs of NoteLs of NotePrevious
1SD Attack16-2Alliance1
2ND Alliance14-6Pentagon Schoolers, ECI Prospects (x2), Gordon DTA GoldSD Attack2
3Gordon DTA Gold7-8Pentagon Schoolers, ECI SelectsAlliance (x2)3
4Pentagon Schoolers7-9ECI Selects,
Gordon DTA, ECI (x2)
Alliance, Gordon DTA Gold4
5ND Attack12-8ECI SelectECI Prospects, Grizzlies7
6SD Network7-95
7ECI Prospects8-16Gordon DTA, ND AttackPentagon Schoolers (x2), Alliance (x2)6
8BBA Force Bartlett9-118
9Sacred Hoops Sitig9-7Sacred Hoops 15s10
10ECI Select6-18BBA ForceND Attack, Pentagon Schoolers, Gordon DTA Gold9
11BBA Force Maschino5-4ECI Select, Gordon DTA11
12Sacred Hoops Larsen4-1013
12Gordon DTA3-12BBA ForceND Attack, Pentagon Schoolers12