Team Rankings: 15u top 20


Posted On: 07/5/18 5:13 PM

As we enter July, here are the latest team rankings for the 15 and Under division in Minnesota.


RankTeamRecordMinnesota Wins of NoteMinnesota Losses of NotePrevious Week
1D1 Minnesota16-6Select Koch 16s, WC United 16s,N Lakers 16s, SE Lightning (+12), Matrix 16s, Heat Coker 16s, Crossfire F 16sWOTN 16s1
2Select Ohnstad28-4WCU Select (x2), Get Shook, Heat Tauer, SW Stars (x2), WOTN E (x3), Comets Elite, Fury P, OSA Crusaders (+10), SW Stars, Crossfire BHeat Tauer, OSA Crusaders (-14)2
3Gain Elite18-4WC United Select, Crossfire Stone, WOTN Erickson, Crossfire B3
4Howard Pulley 23-7Comets Thuok, Heat Immiger, Heat T, D1MN14s (x2), SE Lightning S (+16), Hustle Hard, Suns, Team Tyus 14s, Pulley 14s, Team Get Shook, Gain Elite 14s, Top DawgsOSA Crusaders (-24), FAB 16s, Top Dawgs4
5Heat Tauer27-6Crossfire B, Select O, WOTN E (x2), WC United, Heat Pahl, Fury P, SW Stars, Comets Elite (x2), OSA Crusaders (+5), Fury S, Select Rush, PhenomSelect O, OSA Crusaders (-10), Magic Hannah5
6Crossfire Bertsch30-6Lightning (x2), Suns, Comets Elite, Fury P (x3), SW MN Stars, Heat P, WC U Select, Crossfire Stone, Heat Tietz, Tyus 14s, SizzleHeat Tauer, WC United Select, Game Elite, Select O7
7WC United Select29-6Lace Up, D1MNp (x2), Crossfire B, Fury P, TC Pirates, Fury S, Grassroots Jett, Select Rush, Heat J, Playmakers Schn 16sSelect O (x2), Heat Tauer, Crossfire B, Gain Elite6
8Magic Hannah23-5MBA,Hustle Hard, Heat Tauer, Phenom, Heat Tietz, Comets T, Fury S, RiseGrassroots Jett, D1MN14s, Team Tyus 14s8
9Fury Poppen26-11Crossfire Stone, SW MN Stars (x2), Lace Up, Grassroots Jett, Comets Elite (x2), WOTN (x2)Crossfire B (x2), WC United, Heat Tauer, Select O, Comets Elite, Crossfire B10
10Comets Elite20-8Heat W, Fury S, SW Stars, WOTN, Fury PCrossfire B, Fury P (x2), Heat T (x2), Comets O9
11Grassroots Jett18-11Comets P 16s, Heat Johnson, Magic Hannah, MNd1p (x2), Pirates, WC United 2, WOTN ELace Up 16s, Rip City 16s, Fury P, WC Select, Team Tyus 14s, Heat Tauer, Crossfire B, Gain Elite 14s13
12SE MN Lightning Studer22-7Suns, Heat Johnson (x3), Comets Regional, Select Rush, Select Reese, Pulley Maxey, Knights, Lace Up, PhenonCrossfire B (x2), Howard Pulley, D1 Minnesota, TC Pirates11
13Howard Pulley Maxey18-12Select Reese, Fury Syverson, Phenom, Get Shook (x2)Lightning S, Gain Elite 14s12
14Fury Syverson18-11WC Cats, Heat B (x2), Comets Regional, Select Rush (x2), Knights, Rise, Hustle Hard, Crossfire StoneD1MNp, Comets Elite, Pulley Maxey, WC Select, Heat Tietz, Heat Tauer, Magic Hannah14
15WOTN Erickson17-18Lightning E, D1MNp, SW Stars, Heat Wiley, Lace Up, Comets Regional B, RiseHeat Tauer (x2), Select O (x3), Fury P (x2), Comets Elite, Gain Elite, Sizzle15
16Heat Wiley14-10Lace Up, Heat Inniger, Comets T, Lace UpComets Elite, Get Shook, D1MN14s, WOTN, SW Stars, Pirates16
17Minnesota Knights16-8Select RushSE Lightning St, Fury S18
18Select Rush18-10WCUnited Regional, Comets Regional 1,Heat J, Pirates, Stars (X2)Hustle Hard. Lightning, Fury S (x2), Knights, Heat Tauer, WC United Select19
19Team Get Shook12-17Heat B, Comets T, Heat W, Pulley 14s, Suns, PhenomSelect O, Team Tyus 14s, Howard Pulley, Rip City 16s, Pulley Maxey (x2)17
20Comets Thuok22-16WC Wildcats, Lace Up, Comets StoneGet Shook, Heat B, Howard Pulley, Heat Inniger, Heat Wiley, Crossfire B, Fury S, Grassroots, Magic Hannah20
Others:Heat Titz12-12Nice, Heat I, Rise, UVA, Fury S, Hustle Hard, Howard Pulley, D1MN14s, Lace Up, D1mnp, Crossfire B, Magic Hannah, Hustle Hard, Gain Elite 14s
Heat Johnson10-18Lightning St (x2), Select R, D1 MNp (x2), Crossfire Stone, MagicCrossfire Stone, D1mnP, Sizzle, Crossfire Studer, WC United S, Select Rush, Lightning
D1 MN Prospects12-19Fury S, WC Cats, Heat Johnson, Heat Tietz, Rise, Hustle Hard (x2)WOTN Erickson, WC United Select (x2), Sizzle (x2), Heat Johnson (x2), Team Tyus 14s, Phenom
SW Mn Stars8-18Heat Wiley, Comets Regional !Crossfire B, Fury P (x2), Select O (x2), Comets Elite, Heat T, WOTN E, Select R (x2)
Crossfire Stone16-12Heat B, Heat JohnsonFury P, Heat J, Select Rush, Gain Elite, Crossfire B, Fury S, Comets Thuok,
MN Phenom8-14Heat B, D1mnPPirates, Pulley Maxey, Heat Tauer, Lightning ,Magic H, Get Shook, Gain Elite (14s)
Heat Bohrer7-17Comets T, Mpls FAB, Lace Up, Hustle HardGet Shook, Fury S (x2), Crossfire Stone, Phenom, Comets T, Crossfire B
Comets Regional Blue12-11WC United, Heat Rantilla. Lightning SpencerFury S, Select Reese, Select Rush, Magic, WOTN E
Heat Inniger8-11Comets Thuo, WC United RHoward Pulley, Heat Wiley, MN Nice, Heat Titz, Select Reese
Hustle Hard8-19Select Reese, Select Rush, Heat TietzMagic Nike, D1 MN, D!mnP, Pulley, Suns, Team Tyus 14s, Fury S, Heat Tietz, Heat B, D1mnP, Gain Elite 14s
Lace Up7-20Select Reese, Heat TUnited Select, Select Ohnstad, Heat Wiley (x2), Comets Thuok, Fury P, Heat B, Rise, Lightning, WOTN
WC United Regional6-20Suns, Acceleration, Heat RantillaSelect Rush, Heat I