Team B.A.N.G 17U Players to Watch in the Fab48

High School

Posted On: 07/24/18 12:41 PM

Team B.A.N.G. is here to stay. This is a young and scrappy  bunch that pushes the pace, plays with high energy and competes at the highest level each time out. As their Elite Black 17U squad heads out to Vegas for the prestigious Fab48 tournament, here’s a few players to keep an eye out for.

Jaerron Hunter -Vista Peak

Hunter is a  6’ pure point guard that’s heading into his senior season. He’s very quick and hard to stay in front of with a very tight handle on the ball with the ability to free himself and iso when needed. He’s a great passer and finisher at the rim, but also gets it done on the defensive end of the court as well as he’s an above average perimeter defender that plays the passing lane well. Expect him to cause havoc in Vegas in the defensive end of the court, which should open up some offense.

Curtis Stovall- Vista Peak

Stovall is only a sophomore, but has a very mature and complete game. He shoots the ball exceptionally well from beyond the arc, but also has one of the best mid range games in the class. Stovall in the open court is where he’s most dangerous as he finishes at the rim and attacks the glass relentlessly. He’s good at using his 6’1 frame to block out the defender and make the basket, or stop and pop for a mid-range pull-up and he will only get more comfortable with his body as time passes. This Vegas trip will surely be about rising his stock and getting a name out there for himself as he’s surely one of the best under the radar players in the state, which I expect for it to quickly change.

Alfonso Salais- Thornton 

Salais is a guard that possesses great handles that open things up, is a willing passer that sets up his teammates for open baskets and has the ability to shoot the ball, but he really gets it going on the defensive end. He’s a guard that uses his body well to stay in front of the defender and makes it difficult each possession. He knocks down open shots, grabs rebounds in bunches and scores when called upon and is a spark plug type of player that fits any situation. His defense will be called upon often in Vegas and where he should make his claim as a player that needs to be talked about more.

Raheem Herbert -Eagle Crest 

Herbert is a tweener and player that coaches will have their eyes glued to as he’s a great defender with a high motor that gives his all each possession, especially in the rebounding department. He’s a scrappy player that the team rallies behind as he goes up with players 3-4” taller than him and he makes it difficult. He does all the small things well such as finding his spot on the block, putting a body on the nearest player and boxing out for countless rebounding and is the emotional leader as well. With continued work on the offensive end, Herbert will be a player that many folks are talking about.

Sam Kabala-Thornton Sam is an unsigned senior that does it all. He has a very high motor as he doesn’t appear to give up on a play and he’s always competing down low. He fights for boards and has the ability to adapt as the game progresses. If he’s called upon to be a small forward, he can adapt, if he has to go down low and bang with a 6’7 big, he can do that. He has an impressive inside out game but makes his mark on the boards and finishing at or above the rim. This is his last opportunity until he goes off to college and plays, so it’s critical that he goes out to Vegas and showcases all of his improvements since high school season ended.