SW All-American Camps Top 10 Breakouts

High School

Posted On: 07/5/18 1:45 AM

This past weekend I was operating and in attendance for the Southwest All-American Camp hosted by Gregg Rosenberg and Anthony Ray and held at Cortez High School in Phoenix.  The event saw a great turn-out and had some great local talent in the building.  National scouts lined up next to the scorers table and watched courtside, evaluating the weekend’s top talent.

These were some of the guys that either made a name for themselves at the camp or raised their stock tremendously with their play on the floor.

  • Emad Elniel (6-5, Wing, 2020, Independence HS)- Elniel was my top breakout performer, given the fact that I had never even seen him play before.  He was an absolute bucket all weekend long and scored from every level of the floor.  He displayed a little bit of everything with a nice handle and the ability to get to the bucket and finish.  He’s a good athlete with the ability to knock it down from deep.  I truly believe he has a future playing for a Division-I basketball program in the future.  He played his way into one of the first names brought up for selection into the Top 20 All-Star Game.  I also learned that his GPA sits somewhere around a 3.5.

Nahshon Harper (5-11, Guard, 2020, La Jolla)- Harper woke some people up this past weekend at Cortez High.  Harper was all over the place on both ends of the floor.  Knocked down some open shots on the perimeter and hit a lot of pull-up jumpers off the dribble.  Though he is undersized, he gets after it so much and is so active that he was very effective and got himself into the Top 20 game.

Ty Harper (6-2, Guard, 2020, Undecided)- Harper was probably the most athletic player in this whole event.  His bounce is the kind that wins dunk contests and makes opponents poster victims.  While his perimeter shot still needs to develop, that athleticism makes him a much better rebounder than his size would imply.  His length and motor make you notice him on both sides of the floor.  The new transfer from Georgia has some of the things that you can’t train or teach.

  • Jonathan Jackson (6-3, Guard/Wing, 2019, Paradise Honors)- Jackson has been building up to this all month long while playing for one of the more talented teams in the state.  However, he took it to another level this past weekend while doing a little bit of everything on the court.  Not only did he go out and get himself some buckets and penetrated on defenses almost at will, but he did the little things that are often forgotten about during an individual showcase like this.  He rebounded well for his position, he hustled and got into it on the defensive end.  It was that effort that landed him in the top 20 game as well.

Trent Hudgens (6-1, Guard, 2020, Moon Valley)- It feels weird saying the work breakout and Trent Hudgens in the same sentence in Arizona, but there is a different reason why he makes this list.  During the high school season, I saw some flashes.  I saw the shot, the handle and competitiveness.  I have seen him a few times over the spring as well.  But this past weekend he seemed to take it to another level and, more importantly, played so consistent throughout.  The talented guard is almost impossible to speed up and plays at a pace that always has him in control.  He knocked down open shots, got in it on defense and distributed while always making the right past.  I am so impressed with his basketball IQ.  He just gets it

  • Jhett Wade (6-0, Guard, 2018, Westview)- Wade had to sit out his senior year because of some transfer issues.  If you never heard the name, you need to see this kid play.  The first thing that stands out is the fact that he is built like a strong safety.  The lefty is so strong and has a little burst with the ball in his hands.  He can also really shoot it and has a nice handle.  He comes across like a straight work-out warrior and competes.  He will end up being a junior college prospect but he got his name out there again this past weekend and was a great story in the gym as he made the top 40 all-star game and had his name being tossed around a little bit for the top 20 game.

  • Kaleb Brown (5-11, Guard, 2019, Peoria)- Brown might have turned in the best individual game performance of the camp.  As my son was volunteering and keeping the stat sheet I had made my way over to that court and he runs up to me after the game and relayed to me that Brown had scored so many points that he had to start used the other columns.  Ha.  He ended that game with 44 points in a showcase game where you have to get subbed out to get everybody their fair share of playing time.  There is a chance he would have ended up dropping 60.  He has such a quick release from the left side and is lightning quick.  His pull up game is serious and he’s a sneaky athlete.  It was a great weekend for Brown to showcase his scoring ability.  He ended up in the Top 40 game.

  • Trey Donaldson (6-1, Guard, 2020, Gilbert Christian)- There was no huge 40-point eruption or seat-standing dunks that got Donaldson into the Top 40 All-Star game and had some D2 and D3 coaches asking who he was.  It was his basketball IQ, the fact he got others involved while still cashing in on his scoring opportunities.  He made the right pass and still played the right way in the chaos that can be an individual showcase game.  He competed on both ends of the floor and did all those little things right that a coach and scout loves.


Brandon Savage (6-7, Forward, 2019, Deer Valley)- Savage was intriguing all weekend long.  While he plays for a high school team that competes virtually every year, I saw something a little different out of him in this camp.  While I have seen the bounce in him and the shot blocking ability, he came up big on the boards and getting a real athletic group of guys that he was playing with out into the open floor where he flourished as well.  He also made a couple interior moves and finished inside and competed on both ends of the floor.  His length and athleticism make him an interesting prospect.

  • Jeffrey Thomas III (5-10, Point Guard, 2019, Palo Verde)- Thomas has been on the AAU trail for quite some time out in Tucson but heading into his senior year he is starting to garner some attention as a guard who could possibly earn a roster spot on a college program.  The quick and scrappy guard really gets after it on both ends and pushes the tempo with the best of them.  Though he is undersized, he puts pressure on opposing defenses and has good court vision.  Played very unselfishly this weekend and set up some teammates for easy buckets while still going out and getting his.


  • Dimitrios Stragalinos (6-4, Guard, 2021, Hillcrest Prep)- While Stragalinos already holds a coveted national ranking in the 2021 class it was, to many, his introduction into Arizona.  Many in the gym had never seen the new Hillcrest Prep guard play in the state and there isn’t much of a reason you would have left disappointed.  He is a ball player.  He does not have one skillset that will wow you, but he does everything so well. He has a great feel for the game and is smooth as a new silk sheet.  Not much of a bouncy athlete at this point, but he is athletic enough to get anything he wants with the ball in his hands.  Shoots it pretty well, while his passing ability might be one of his strongest assets at this point.  He is definitely going to be a fun one to watch moving into the future.


Some other guys that caught my eye in a different way over the weekend that fell just outside of this cut were

Rai’Shun Wilson (5-10, Guard, 2021, Vista Grande High)

Isaac Monroe (6-0, Guard, 2020, Peoria High)

Sam Goulet (6-5, Wing, 2019, Cactus Shadows)

Roy Eze (6-8, Power Forward, 2020, Paradise Honors)

Lucas Elliot (6-10 Center, 2019, Pusch Ridge Academy)

Jacob Patterson (6-5, Wing, 2020, Liberty High)

Tre Bell (5-9, Point Guard, 2021, Peoria)

Zay Freeney (5-10, Point Guard, 2021, South Mountain)

Jackson Risi (6-1, Guard, 2020, Desert Vista)