Summer prep spotlight: Q&A with Otis Frazier

High School

Posted On: 07/4/18 8:06 PM

Buckeye Hawks rising senior Otis Frazier sat down with Prep Hoops writer Eric Newman to speak about summer basketball and what he is doing to improve his game in his last year of high school.


Newman: I saw you playing at the ASU tournament, and you looked really good winning it. How did all that feel having success there?

Frazier: It was good, because the whole team played really well and we all got chances to score. And I think we’ll win a lot if we keep doing that.


What are you doing to improve in summer ball and on your club team moving forward?

I think everything can get better, but mostly it’s about bonding with my teammates. We’re just meshing together over the summer to get ready for the season.


You made the semifinals of state last year, what’s making you hopeful that when the next season comes you’ll be even more successful?

I think we’re just ready for the moment. We want to go to state and we want to win it, that’s really what we’re focused on.


How has the college recruiting process gone?

It’s pretty crazy, but by the end of my senior year I should be able to make my decision. I already have some options, and maybe some more will come soon.


What skills do you have that can transfer over to the college basketball level?

I can score, I’m pretty athletic and lengthy, and I hustle on defense all the time, but everything can still get better.


Is there one thing thing you’re looking to improve on to finish your senior year strong?

I need to be a leader and talk more. I kind of used to be a quiet person, but I talk a lot more now.


What does it feel like to play against so many great players over the summer?

It’s a real mix because I’m playing against a lot of my guys, a lot of my friends. But, once you get on the court you want to put on a show and do your best.