Summer prep spotlight: Q&A with Jonathan Jackson

High School

Posted On: 07/10/18 3:19 PM

Paradise Honors rising senior Jonathan Jackson sat down with Prep Hoops writer Eric Newman to discuss the Southwest All-American Camp, his upcoming senior year and his desire to play college basketball.


Newman: What do you enjoy about getting to compete with and against some of the best players in Arizona at the Southwest All-American Camp?

Jackson: I really like how everyone comes together and plays, especially in summer ball or eventually in high school playoffs, and it’s a great experience. It makes me better too.


What do you do to make sure you’re improving in summer ball, especially when you’re around a lot of players you won’t always be with come the high school season?

I just try to play my game, work on whatever skills I need to, and not let who’s around me change my style too much.


How’s the college recruiting process like? What do you need to do to increase your chances of college scouting and offers?

I need to get myself out there more. My grades are pretty good, but I need to get out to more showcases and more events, and then I just get more exposure if I play well out there.


What improvements are you trying to make in your game to be more of a complete prospect and college player?

My shot with my right hand needs to get better, because I’m dominant with my left hand. My post moves need work because I’m still growing and I’m going to be bigger, so I hopefully will be able to use that to my advantage.


What strengths can you bank on for your senior season?

My dribble moves and quickness on offense are key. I can dunk consistently, but I need to get my legs working to increase my leap and some of that because I had knee surgery.


What do you do to get around that injury while you’re still recovering?

I just hustle, it’s something I’ve always done since I was a little kid.


How important is it for you to play hard and have a successful senior year?

Without playing as a team we can’t really win as much, and that’s really what I’m looking to try and do. I don’t care as much about the stats or all that, it’s about making sure everyone can do their best on this team, because we have a lot of talented guys.