South Dakota 17U: Who To See & Where They’ll Be


Posted On: 07/11/18 3:52 PM

If you are a South Dakota basketball player and you want to face the other top basketball players in the state, this weekend at the Summer Slam is the place to be.  We give you “Who To See & Where They’ll Be” now.


Pentagon Schoolers

Name to Watch: Justin Hohn.  The Tea Area point guard plays with a steady composure that simply calms his teammates allowing possessions to have both the patience and the high percentages it needs.

Top Available Prospect: Boden Skunberg.  At the moment Boden is the most recruited player in the state of North Dakota with low major programs in contact and Iowa has made their way to see him play as well. Boden is a skilled 2020 from Jamestown.

Three More: 2020 Elijah Klein, Trevin Holland, Trey King

Where: Sioux Falls at the Summer Slam


Camden Bialas

South Dakota Attack

Name to Watch: Luke Ronsiek. A point guard that played well enough at the GPA in St. Cloud a few weeks ago that he earned himself a pair of scholarship offers.  Luke plays with a steady pace and commonly makes the perfect read in transition and in the halfcourt set.

Top Available Prospect: Noah Freidel.  The top senior prospect in the state of South Dakota, Noah takes the court for his final month of 17u play with something to prove. He has excellent D2 options but Noah is a competitor and he wants to prove that he can play at the highest level he possibly can.

Three More: Sawyer Schultz, Mitchell Goodbary, Camden Bialas

Where: Sioux Falls at the Summer Slam


BBA Force

Name to Watch: Thomas Hennen. A 1,000 point scorer and top 100 level player in the state of Minnesota, Thomas is coming off a fantastic recent event that helped BBA bring home a championship.  Thomas is a key reason Minneota heads in the 18-19 season as a top Class A Minnesota team.

Top Available Prospect: Nick Hoyt.  After the season Hoyt had for Harrisburg honors came the way of the 5-foot-10 combo guard in many ways.  Now it’s time to see what Nick can do this weekend at the Summer Slam.

Thomas Hennen photo by Jon Erickson

Three More: Blair Slaughter, Kyler Meyer, Cale Murphy

Where: Sioux Falls at the Summer Slam


South Dakota Venom

Name to Watch: Dawson Paulsen. This 6-foot-3 wing has a lot of potential on the wing and the work ethic to earn himself college opportunities as well as be a top 12 level prospect in the state.

Top Available Prospect: Kade Stearns. Kade is a shooter and teams need shooters all over.  He’s had a really nice year playing with the Venom this far.

Three More: Solomon Bach, Mason Ritter, Jackson Miller

Where: Sioux Falls at the Summer Slam


Barn Burner Academy

Name to Watch: Brady Morgan.  The Roncalli guard recently earned his first scholarship offer and this weekend in the Summer Slam Brady has a chance to go against the best guards in the state to prove himself even more.

Top Available Prospect: Jacob Prouty.  Everything that Prouty did this winter led to post season first team honors.  The question becomes now, can Jacob have that type of impact on the game playing against the best teams from South Dakota, the best from North Dakota, and a few of the top 20 teams from Minnesota?  We think he can.

Three More: Max Reede, Micah Burke, Tanner Geffre

Where: Sioux Falls at the Summer Slam


Ale Rama

Sacred Hoops Rama

Name to Watch: Aiden Bizardie.  A motivated scorer that has looked forward to running with this group for the final time for awhile.  Aiden has something to prove and running side by side with the talent on this team he will have a chance to prove it.

Top Available Prospect: Ale Rama.  Simply put Ale Rama’s ability to score the ball and do it in such a calm, composed way really stuck with the entire staff of Prep Hoops in both events we’ve seen him at.  Rama is a top five player in the state.

Three More: Dylan Pourier, Jadice Morrison, Tucker Kraft

Where: Sioux Falls at the Summer Slam